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  1. Drafting Tua would mean remaking a lot of the offense I think. It means we aren't really ready to compete. I think they are closer or think they are closer than that.
  2. Veretax

    Rivera's conundrum

    If I'm rivera the last thing I need is players, veteran players who are not bought in. If Trent isn't committed, then trade him, if Dunbar is going to play games well cut him loose too.
  3. Dude Isaiah Simmons ran a 4.39 40-yard dash as a linebacker safety hybrid. I know most of us are set on Chase young because we lack elite edge skills but man if that guy has any range ability to cover and can tackle could he compared to somebody like Ray Lewis? Cuz I think middle linebacker is more of a need for us than then Edge call me crazy if nothing else I think it made our pic more valuable. Which would be more valuable in Del Rio scheme I wonder
  4. Honestly I'd love it to be RG3 trade, but I wouldn't hold a deal up with it, if I can get multiple good picks evne if value doesn't match on chart.
  5. I wouldn't break the bank for Olsen, but he'd be a great leader and teacher for a group of young tight ends.
  6. I was on the trade back scenario... But I have 2 other thoughts. 1. Taking Burrow Hostage. (trade to an AFC team... looking atyou Pittsburgh) 2. or 2... there's a Corner who is getting a lot of hype right now, I can't remember his name. whoever that is... yeah otherwise trade back
  7. Maybe he prefers an Ice hockey table? Or foosball?
  8. Veretax

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Count me in the 'never convinced on O'Connel' he might be a terrific assistant, but he didn't have enough time to really show much as an OC. Scott Turner was one of three names not named Kevin O, that were on my wish list to interview for this position. I am optimistic about what he can do here.
  9. Veretax

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    That doesn't exactly give me the confidence you might think. I'd prefer it if Love beats him out making his position expendable
  10. Veretax

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    Can we be honest, I love Trent. In an ideal world he would retire here. But he's not a long term starter anymore. he is injured a lot the last three seasons (not counting last year).... He's like a really good car that you love, but needs to be in the shop 2 months of the year for repairs and replacements. you still love that car, but it might be time to cut bait if you've paid it off and trade it for something more reliable.
  11. My post had nothing to do with likelihood or probability. Mearly stating that it makes sense to clean out some bad contracts up front, find a way to get more draft picks in year 1 of Revera then let them sit even longer. My opinion.
  12. Depends on health, so if he's cut, more reason to trade expensive vets for draft picks. Also resets windows for that position.
  13. The answer seems obvious... Trade Alex take cap hit, along with kerrigan/williams/maybe norman, 1 other for more draft picks to get cheap depth for next year
  14. btw the junkies had this add, that I thought this morning suggested there had been no holdouts/controversy during Allen's tenure> And I said what? How about McNabb? HaynesWorth/Cap Gate? S'ua Cravens? RG3 vs Cousins Cousins Extension I'm sure I missed something.
  15. Someone should do a riff on 24 with a pick of Jac Del Rio (in redskins garb) as Jack Bauer .. "jack is DC"
  16. "I had to fire Ron as a condition to sell the team." Money talks after all
  17. For the record, given his age, I wonder if Marvin Lewis might be a possible front office guy. A guy who can evaluate talent, and help us put a product together, instead of as HC. i thought that when his name was floated.
  18. there is also the possibility that Rivera (HC in waiting), thinks it would be better to start breaking in a new fresh Left Tackle. I would not be shocked if we traded back out of the chase young sweapstakes to pick up a LT and additional picks to fill out the team
  19. Hopefully DC is not a layover on his way to JFK or la Guardia.
  20. Junkies/980 were basically suggesting that salvaging Trent may not be possible that the relationship with Dan soured after his return. no idea if true though
  21. I think you are misreading into what I'm saying, so let me help decouple your deductions from my reality. 1. This is the first I've heard about any coach linked to us (other than Lewis) 2. We've seen this story play out in the media before, first coach is often NOT the actual hire (I like Ron, I think he's a quality hire, maybe not the best hire, but maybe the hire we need.) 3. With FO shake up, you have to wonder what the timeline on selecting a GM is. If we will even have at true GM at this point (lots of radio personalities have covered this one.) My comments were not made to disparage Ron, or the team, simply an acknowledgement, that being patient and making the right hire may take time. That having been said, its entirely possible we've had Ron under wraps waiting to unpackage for several weeks. If we already did diligence incognito that kudos to Snyder on keeping that quiet for so long. So to be clear, I am not Anti-Ron Rivera. I like him as a potential hire, He has clout and experience that Jay did not have (defensively and as Head coach) This has all been an unusual prospect, and norms being what they are may necessarily be different. Know one wants a repeat of the Jim Zorn hire. I just have no expectations on a quick resolution to this, especially given, all the other positions that just opened up or will by weeks end. Unless Ron has already signed a contract, he has more leverage than we do anyways. I think he'd bring a great culture shift, and I like his style a lot. He is a respected quantity which would bring some credibility back to our program, but as KevinS said this morning, it may take time for the fan base to fully trust any new hires. We've just been snake bitten too much under Snyder. Does that Clarify?
  22. Veretax

    2020 Hopeful Optimism Thread

    I'm tired of negativity about the team. So what do we have as positive things we can say about this team? I realize it may be hard but here are a few. 1. Dwayne Haskins looks to be at least serviceable, so we may not need to draft a QB high. If Alex returns you have your backup should Haskins not be ready to go week 1. (Cut colt, don't resign Keenam) 2. OUr young receiving corp. Its not just McLaurin, Sims Jr, Harmon look to be legitimate receiving threats. For the first time in ten years, WR may actually be a potential strength. (i'd still take a flyer on a mid round WR if any fit our needs.) 3. TE growth: Sprinkle has shown just enough to justify keeping him. Even if Vernon/Reed are gone, at least the Skins have 1 Tight end on roster they can have some confidence in 4. Young linebackers. When kerrigan went out, we saw some just signed linebackers come in and immediately have impact on a few games. I'm not sure if we need 1 more rush or off ball line backer, but our front line is looking solid. Maybe we need one more element there. (development of a few players has been positive) 5. Young Defensive Backs have shown what they can do maybe Norman isn't the answer long term. We may still need a pick there if we lose Norman. 6. Flowers may be a serviceable starter for a few more years. This would allow us to draft a guard or center later in the draft to groom to take his place in a few years (allowing us to focus on the issue on the left side of the line with Trent Williams being likely gone.) 7. Safety: Monte Nicholson showed what he can do when healthy. At beginning of the season I expected this could be his last year here, now he might have earned another year. We may still need to develop depth at safety as Collins looks to be a great in the box safety. 8. RB. We got AP under contract for another year, love will be back from injury and Guice has legs when healthy. It may be said if CT is not kept, but its hard to imagine all the backs this year returning. 9. Finally a FB made an impact. 10. Gruden is Gone, and if #FireBruce ends up being the outcome, we might have a fresh start from top down for the first time in many years. 11. Bad season means chance for impact draft picks next year, if the right people pick them. 12. Tres 'The Laser' Way - has played lights out this year. Guy is likely the top punter in the league this year. The field position he helped control gave us more chances than we probably deserved this year. Looking forward to more of this Its not all negative, this year has been depressing. But we have some reasons to hope I think. Did I miss anything?
  23. The only reason you are hearing Rivera's name is because Dan has been tight lipped about everything up to and including the 'release' of Bruce. Why would you think he would give anything away? I like Ron, but I suspect he's not the guy for us.