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  1. All of the "House is on Fire" fans who have been handed a gas can by Chris Russell and 106.7 should maybe slow your roll..  This channel is build to be the anti-establishment channel, and to cause controversy wherever possible..  "A view from the cheap seats.. Not the Owners Box"   Yeah there is no axe to grind from the reporter or the station.  If I'm wrong.. I'll do a mia culpa but until then... 

  2. I've been more in to the tournament this year than the past several years, thanks to the Terps. Good effort, WV seemed a step ahead most of the time. Taking a bit more care of the ball and having our star healthy coulda done it for us. Anyway, it's gotten me back in to college basketball. Big 10, eh?

    I hated that we moved to the Big Ten, but I've learned to appreciate what will be a great move for the basketball team.  The football team however, unless something dramatic happens, will be a perennial bottom half team..

    You sure about that?

    Yes I was wrong.. it's felt like it was that long.. 12+ years now.

  3. Gah !!!


    What a horrible way to end a season..  1-2  Losing to Mich State and WVU..  

    I could go on and on, but I'll step back and say 

    We'll miss you Dez and we hope Mello comes back.. Layman would be a fool to go anywhere after the second half of this year.

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