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  1. Was happy to get 2 tickets at midfield today.  Never been able to sit there for a game and very excited to do so now.  I really hope we can get 3000 or whatever the number is of Washington fans there and not see a blue Giant wave.   Lots of tickets left at Tuesday 3pm.   Seems like end zone was going quicker than sidelines. 

  2. I am surprised we have not received any info from the Redskins yet on season ticket subjects like upgrades and contingency plans if no season.  Will we receive a credit or refund if preseason or season games are cancelled.

  3. IF you're interested they are offering payment plans again this year. You have to have the agreement in place before the due date of 4/1.

    I've opted for a four payment schedule.


    How do I see the payment plans on the website?  Or did you call?    


    Nevermind.  I see it now as you have to click Process Offline.   Single payment or four payments from March 1 to June 1.


    I already have 6 Tickets and received same email.  I wonder if any of these perks count for renewal.  I seriously doubt they will pass out so many jerseys for free so this is probaby for new STH only.   I do love the new 6 month payment plan.  I hope that is for renewals.

  5. Maybe we are due for some good upgrades again this year! Last year after the seats disappeared from my invoice it took a week or so to repopulate with the upgraded seat assignment.

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