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  1. :bluesbros::bluesbros::helmet: It's funny you should mention BC here. Legend has it, when they were the Boston Redskins, some of their equipment and uniform parts were cast-offs from the Boston College program which explains the burgundy and gold color scheme. Back then, college football was far more popular than pro football, then in its formative stages. Same with the Chicago Cardinals, who got some of their equipment from the University of Chicago Maroons, which explains their cherry red and white color scheme. Talk about being taken to school!!!!!!!!
  2. "Zzj", I totally agree on that helmet, the 1959 to 1964 design. Granted, the team wasn't very good**, but the helmet is a "lost classic"!! What would be really cool would be a little updated tweaking of our own, with the feather down the side of the pants, in ANY pants color; maroon, gold, white, or whatever. Lightning bolts is to Chargers, just as tiger stripes is to Bengals, just as feather is to Redskins---yeah, that works!! **In fairness to Bill McPeak, he started to assemble a decent foundation during his stint as Redskins coach, bringing in eventual HOFers Jurgensen, Huff, Mitchell,
  3. But, please, this time let's get the entire head-to-toe look historically correct, unlike the 70th Anniversary uniforms, which had the spear logo on the pants and jersey sleeves. Also, it would be nice if they did away with the NFL shield and Nike logos on the throwback unis, too (not likely to happen, though, especially given the amount of money that Nike put on the table). :helmet: :bluesbros: ---------- Post added April-30th-2012 at 06:23 PM ---------- And if you want to count the NFL 75th Anniversary Season of 1994, they wore their regular burgundy helmets (without the stripes and l
  4. I totally agree with you, "Diesel Hog", break out that uniform (the 1959 to 1964 duds, with the feather helmet) for the 80th Anniversary Season. Even better, the Redskins are playing in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. I am pumped up, already!! :helmet: :bluesbros:
  5. :bluesbros:Interesting use of black, MLSkins. The only thing that I might do differently is make the jersey numerals match the same lettering style that is used for REDSKINS on everything (such as endzone lettering, the EXTREMESKINS logo at the top, and such). For the helmet, I still like the style they wore from about 1961 to 1965, the deep maroon helmet with the blank sides and feather running down the center of the helmet. A forgotten classic!! ---------- Post added April-7th-2012 at 02:25 PM ---------- [quote http://www.gridironuniforms.com/redskins.html As far as he alternates, we
  6. ................By the way, could another Draft Day Yard Sale be in the works for the old Reebok gear, now that Nike has inked a new deal, league-wide? ---------- Post added April-4th-2012 at 08:08 AM ---------- Exactly what I was talking about, thanks for the quick post, Diesel Hog!!
  7. Now that you mentioned it, I am curious, too, about what Nike will come out with for an alternate/throwback jersey and/or uniform for the 80th Anniversary Season. The helmet design I'd like to see is the one they wore in the early to mid-1960's, the dark maroon helmet with blank sides, and a feather running front to back down the center of the helmet. A forgotten classic!! ---------- Post added April-4th-2012 at 05:30 AM ---------- I totally agree, BadKarma, the black shoes were way too trendy, and got stale real quick. Personally, I had always liked the white shoes with burgundy trim,
  8. I agree, Skinsbosoxheels!! All-Burgundy for the Dallas game this Sunday, with maybe a third game sock as a bonus, gold on the top half, white on the bottom, sort of a burgundy and gold version of VA Tech.
  9. Actually, a few years ago, I saw Arizona State U. wear gold (yellow) jerseys with burgundy pants and it looked really neat!! So, yes, the Redskins could wear it equally well. Three years ago, the Miami Dolphins were the first team that I'm aware of to wear 4 different jerseys in the same season; white (home), aqua (away), 1973 Throwbacks on Thanksgiving Day (they beat Dallas that day), and alternate orange when they came from behind to beat the Redskins (Ricky Williams scored 2 TDs in the 4th Qtr). If Danny Boy and his marketing department buddies have a lick of common sense, they would be
  10. (Okay, that's enough of the uniform posts. Now let's focus on performance on the field.) That said, "Go 'Skins!! Clobber Atlanta!!" :logo: :2cents: :helmet:
  11. I totally agree, burgundy numerals outlined in white, with burgundy lettering on the nameplates, and, also, burgundy side panels would make it look really sharp. I think a gold (3rd) jersey would be a really cool alternate jersey, at least on an experimental basis, such as pregame warm-ups, roughly the equivalent of MLB's batting practice jerseys the players wear before games. This would also make a very nice bonanza for Mr. Snyder, with fans snapping them up for their collections. Why, even his new buddy, Tom Cruise, would love them, because his football team wore gold jerseys in the movie,
  12. . . .and for good measure, next season, the 25th anniversary of their first Super Bowl Championship, go back to the helmet logo they had for that one season (the strike-shortened 1982 season) with the feathers folded up against the shield, instead of hanging down straight. Arguably, the one of the greatest "one-season wonders" of all-time in gridiron garb, with the Miami Dolphins orange game socks of 1973, a distant second. The Dolphins wore orange game socks for that one season and beat the Vikings in Super Bowl VIII wearing them. They wore them again in 2003 on Thanksgiving Day for their Thr
  13. I totally agree, "SKINchiefer", that the 70th anniversary togs would be an excellent alternate (3rd) uniform for the 'Skins, similiar to the Chargers and their Throwback Unis that they pull out a couple of times each season. I especially love the deep maroon helmets with the spear logo, however, I would prefer a more historically-correct version on the pants and jerseys (plain maroon jerseys with white numerals without the spear logo on the sleeves, exactly as they wore them from 1966 to 1969. Likewise, dark maize pants with just a thick maroon stripe down the side, without the 70th anniversar
  14. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have seen those orange Bears (3rd) jersey. And it had me thinking, "could a gold (3rd) jersey be much further behind for the Redskins" at least on an experimental basis? For example, they could use the gold for pregame warmups, then switch to their regular dark or white jerseys for the game, just like MLB (batting practice jerseys). If the idea catches on, then, certainly, fans would buy up gold jerseys to add to their collections. Are you listening, Mr. Snyder?** **Even Tom Cruise would like the idea! After all, his football team wore gold jerseys in the movie "A
  15. That was a great effort, in a hard fought, low-scoring game. And, yes, they looked liked their classic selves with the return of the burgundy pants.
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