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  1. Portis is gonna need another 1,000+ yard rushing offseason to get away from the Feds on this one!
  2. Geeeeezuzzz... Will the real Southeast Jerome please stand up!!! Next years homecoming alumni game will be live from Leavenwoth United States Penitentiary!!!
  3. Ahhhhhhh.... If only Dan and Bruce could be tied up into this mess somehow to, it would make my Christmas even merrier!!! LOL
  4. The Redskins have bigger problems to worry about than a food line for sure!!!!!
  5. People actually still attend games????
  6. We don't even have the right to do this to other teams at this point!! The entire Redskins team could be photo shopped as
  7. WOW! That effort today should surely win the fanbase back to buying tickets again!!!! What a joke!!! Nothing ever changes with this team!! So glad I gave up my many years of tickets after last years debacle. Good luck ticket office, it'll be like trying to sell ice to eskimos!!!
  8. Someone should start a poll thread on the current status of those as season ticket holders and whether they plan on renewing or not renewing or still on the fence. That would be interesting especially after the debacle of last year.
  9. With the amount of empty unsold season tickets they are displaying for sale it's a wonder if the home games at FedEx Field won't be blacked out for the local television market.
  10. Thanks! Sounds like it should be a lot better than where I was in 102 and I can't wait to be able to see what the new seats are like. Bring on Football Season!
  11. That's a great location, but just be aware and prepared to have to stand the whole entire game. I just gave up my seats in section 102 this year and moved back to section 240 row 5 for that reason. My seats in section 102 were an awesome view of the field, but because of the worthless Dream Seats it just got annoying to have to stand every entire game for several seasons. The Dream Seats cause a domino effect that makes everyone have to stand in the lower level sideline seats. I am stoked to have moved to section 240 row 5 though! Anybody in or near that section or can provide any insight
  12. What doesn't make sense is the actual Seat Upgrade Program lasts 2 weeks, but yet once you upgrade you don't have the option to attempt to upgrade again. My window opened up early Wednesday and there was nothing to choose from then. I waited and checked again on Thursday afternoon and got some really nice seats after a boatload were opened up or released by the ticket office. In past years I had been able to upgrade multiple times during this process. Why have it last 2 weeks if you cannot access it completely for the full 2 weeks????? I gave up a sweet pair in section 102 I've had for yea
  13. Anyone know if we are able to upgrade more than once during the alotted time frame and upgrade program period?
  14. Call the ticket office and complain. They seemed like my account was the only one that couldn't access the available seats
  15. Total waste of time. Got the email, clicked on link, not working, called ticket office, they have no idea what's wrong with the system
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