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  1. after this debacle, I can see Snyder bringing in a GM....it would be good PR for him
  2. do we know the process? Did Bruce pick Shaun Lavauo? or did Gruden and the o-line coach say they wanted him?
  3. the point of all the democrats coming out against the name is about portraying the Republicans as Racist......it's not about getting Native American votes. The only non native American that I take seriously on this issue, is the one who talks about the real problems for native Americans...someone whose been an advocate for their causes long before the name issue came up....I have a feeling that number is very very low
  4. This is a bogus issue, since you never hear these people talk about native Americans any other time......talking about their real issues is not good for ratings or selling newspapers. Spare me the outrage.
  5. Weren't "Redskins" elite warriors who painted their faces red before battle?
  6. this isn't a political issue for the lefties? really? ok I don't label the people against the name....I just think they're wrong
  7. One thing that drives me crazy is the thought that changing the name would be a great thing financially for Snyder...and using college teams that change their name as an example.....or pro teams that don't have a long history/brand. this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard....if this was true, all teams would change their name every few years......and you can't compare St. John's basketball to the Washington Redskins.....it's typical liberals being naive.
  8. As someone who's not from the beltway, the name "Redskins" means a lot more to me then "Washington". It's often said that Liberals are tolerant; while Republicans are the intolerant....yet; when you disagree with Liberals; they accuse you of being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc......they are truly the intolerant ones. If you don't agree with them, you will feel their wrath.
  9. I've been a die hard REDSKINS fan for 30 years...changing the name would have an effect on me, unless it's changed to "Skins". me being a Redskins fan has nothing to do with Washington DC or the beltway....I've lived in NYC most of my life. Changing the name to the Warriors would feel like we're an expansion team.
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