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  1. Offer a deep discount to a non-transferable e-ticket that requires a drivers license to get in. They did this with the U2 concert for the floor a few years ago and it worked fine. It would be hard to make every ticket non-transferable but lets say that at least one ticket per pair was non-transferible . that way STH's who attend every game can take friends as they like in the other seat. They should also close the upper deck completely for a few years, whcih would make tickets hard to get once again, and that would draw more fans because fo the scarcity. Ownership is obviously in it for
  2. There are thousands of unsold tickets. I went on Ticketmaster to other stadiums for comparison. Blue dots represent seats sold by the team, and pink dots are sold by resellers on ticketmaster. Pretty much both 100 level endzones and most of the upper deck sections have a ton of seats available all blue. Almost every team had some tickets available(Blue dots) but we had the most that I saw.
  3. I wonder how many season ticket holders there actually are? Most people have either 2, or 4 seats, and other people/companies have many more than that. A lot of the seats are not sold out for the season regardless of what the team tells you. The team sells them on stubhub, or creates occasional groupon promotions. If i had to guess there only about 12-20,000 idiots like me that actually buy season tickets at this point.
  4. How many upper deck seats are left? I think it would be cool if they just took all of them out. It would also make going to a game a big deal again since it would become a tough ticket just based on scarcity even if their record is poor.
  5. Where did you get your tracking number?
  6. Is anybody else having trouble logging into their season ticket account today?
  7. I wonder if parking will be upgraded in the same manner?
  8. What about London "#58" Fletcher?
  9. Has anybody called to see when ST's will arrive? I have a feeling that it will be late this year since our first home game isn't until 8/25.
  10. These polls are always BS. The Giants will probably go up a few notches from #90 after winning the Super Bowl. The 49er's, and Dodgers have really low rankings too. I wonder how theory would rank if the poll was conducted last week?
  11. They should give all paid STH's mystery bag of crap from all of the Reebok stuff that they still have lying around in the team stores after the Nike changeover in April. I am not an accountant but I'm sure that they could write down the full price that they paid and chalk it up as a promotion. This would be a win-win for everybody.
  12. I have four season tickets. My wife just got "the lucky letter" from the TO yesterday saying that she can now get tickets too. They offered her a choice of college games, or a Kenny Chesney concert as well. I didn't get any of that. I just got a bill in the mail for $4381.00. The only thing that I want is green parking passes (which I am willing to pay for), and they won't even give me that. I might actually be done with this BS.
  13. Didn't the Raiders have a bad experience with PSL's already in the Bay area? I know that Oakland, and the rest of the Bay area have two different economic bases, but WOW.
  14. A few things have to happen for the demand to come back. 1. The OV seats have to be removed. This will create even more of a premium on LL seats, and will also help fill the UL with budget conscious fans that would normally sit in the OV's. 2. A portion of the UL needs to get gimmicky to draw families. Have one end zone be alcohol free, AYCE, etc. 3. Most importantly they need to win. No team with a track record like ours draws well unless it is the first year of a new stadium.
  15. I will never give my tickets up. Eight times a year I get to hang out with my friends from college in the green lot for four hours and have fun. That is just a important as the games to me. If I gave up my season tickets it would be easy to say that I am not going to go if the weather was bad, or if the team was down. Yes it's a long day, and yes it is frustrating when they can't even get to 500 at home, but there is so much more than going to football games than the game.
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