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  1. All of this bad for anyone involved but I don't trust the Washington Post in their reporting anything accurate. What strikes me also funny is the rumor that Jeff Bezos interest in owning an NFL franchise has been linked to this story. OH! That's right he owns the Washington Post. Just seems too much of a coincidence for me.
  2. i hear that Snyder wants to keep the same colors but also wants to honor Native Americans and the Military. So how about the Washington Code Talkers. That is what the Cherokee and Choctaw Indians that fought in WWI and the Navajo Indians that served in WWI were called. They were the ones that developed a secret code for Marines and other military services during battle to escape detection and give them an element of surprise. Lakota, Meskwaki, Mohawk, Comanche, Tlingit, Hopi, Cree and Crow Indians also served in those wars. But if we want to keep the HTTR and the song the same we could go wit
  3. Like I said in a previous post. He will be on the team this season. I know a lot of fans want him out of here but we don't know the whole story behind how his medical issue with the cancerous growth on his head was handled. Anyone on here would have been pissed off also if what was reported to be true. Bruce Allen and the training staff screwed that one up. I really think that Trent underestimated his meeting with Ron Rivera. I think in the end he will show up and play because he wants to get that contract whether it is with the Redskins or somewhere else. And I think he wants it from the Red
  4. Why would we trade Trent to the Vikings for Reiff and a 3rd when Reiff is older and not as good?
  5. IMHO I don't see Trent being traded at this point because the way the draft went last night and very little trades plus it seemed like every team that had a OT need got one. Every Team mentioned needing an OT drafted one.
  6. I saw on NFL website about Trent Williams and two others that are on the Trading Block. He made the same point I had made in an earlier post is that if we trade Trent to a team and he fails his physical or Helmet try on like last year then the Trade is null and void which means we get him back. Unless there is something attached to the deal that the other team waives that. Because IMHO I think Trent made a big deal about that last year and he ended up losing money that he won't ever get back.
  7. If that Eagles report is true then I wouldn't trade him to a division rival especially if we had to face them twice a year. Anywhere else outside of the division would be in play. Just MHO.
  8. I said before he was going to be on the roster this year because of how much Trent's agent "muddied the water" by going public to try to get a deal done because he saw Dunbar get shipped out of town for a pick. That back fired big time. His agent is not exactly the most respected Agent around the league. If a trade for a pick doesn't get done after today for a 2nd rounder he will be on the team is my gut feeling. We all blame Allen for this mess but it looks more and more that Trent's Agent had a big play in all of this last year. But I think Allen needed to go because he screwed up too many t
  9. A lot of people on here are saying we should have traded Trent last year and that Bruce messed it up which I am in agreement that he messed things up but I don't think we could have traded him last year. One thing that would have made the trade null and void is that he would fail the helmet fit test and probably the physical. I remember last year that one of the reasons he was put on the PUP or whatever list he was placed on was due to his helmet was uncomfortable when they were doing the helmet fit test. So while I agree they need to get a 2nd rounder or 3rd rounder for him that might not g
  10. The reason it is quiet is because Trent's agent keeps making it harder for anyone to take his client. I believe he made his client untradeable because Teams know all they have to do is wait. Either Trent will be playing for the Redskins or he will be riding the pine. I feel that his agent looked at Dunbar getting traded for a 5th round pick by going public. The difference is Trent is a more valuable and has shown more during his time on the field than Dunbar. Trent's agent is also making Trent older and more out of football shape the more he misrepresents him. Trent has been a great player for
  11. I think that the situation is definitely fluid and it really smells.
  12. I agree they went 3-13 but with as many injuries we had due to a bad Training staff who knows what are recorded would have been. Also Jay Gruden wasn't exactly the best of Head Coaches and his staff wasn't exactly the cream of the crop. I still in the belief that we have a lot of underutilized talent due to injury, bad coaching, etc. Not having a GM is not hurting us anymore than what we had in Bruce Allen. From what I hear it is Smith and Rivera making the decisions and I hear it is better than Allen. But only time will tell.
  13. Do we have a QB Problem? Since we haven't went out and signed a big name player that doesn't fit the team we are automatically going to tank for Trevor? How many Top Tier players that want mega contracts do we need to sign? Because some of the players everyone wants to sign are looking for big paydays which is what we have done in the past and it got us nothing. We have been drafting in the top 15 for the last 20+ years because of that practice. Not signing a big name star we automatically have a QB problem and we are tanking for Trevor Lawrence which will be the Washington Redskins Franchise
  14. I saw this on YouTube from some Podcast by Purple FTW about Trading for Trent Williams. Of course they undervalue the trade but they are definitely not happy with Riley Reiff.
  15. Listening to the John Keim podcast with Chris Cooley about Trent Williams it seems Chris Cooley has hinted at that this is about the money. In my opinion Trent will be on the roster at the start of mini camps and OTAs because like Cooley was saying no one wants to trade for him not knowing where he is in shape football wise. He hasn't played in over a year and has wanted a new contract with guarantee money upfront because of the health scare and how it was misdiagnosed etc. So I am in the camp with Cooley and say "Hey Trent if we don't get a trade done with the proper compensation for you then
  16. I found this interview on You Tube which took place on 106.7 The Fan with Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated saying that Trent was asking for QB money last year and that his demands were unrealistic. Here is the link:
  17. What I find interesting is that we have not heard directly from Trent Williams about this whole thing. Maybe I missed it because I don' live near DC but why haven't we heard from him? I just read the article by Chris Russell and it just reaffirms what I heard about Williams agent. Taylor is pointing the finger at the Redskins saying they are the one not doing their part when in reality it is Taylor's inexperience and being unconnected with the rest of the league. It also stated he wasn't even a player representative before he represented Trent. So why is Trent so loyal to him? All I can say
  18. I just listened to Trent Williams interview and the one thing that stood out was that Rivera said he had to prove himself and that Rivera should have met with him before any FA. Two things i take away from that: 1. Rivera doesn't owe Trent anything and he hasn't played in over a year. 2. Rivera Doesn't owe him anything and he has a relationship with Greg Olson unlike Trent Williams.
  19. The more that Trent Williams Agent goes out and spouts out his side of the story the more it hurts Trent Williams. Trent says he wants to come back and get inducted in the ring of fame after he gets done playing because he loves the fans. Well the fans aren't loving you anymore, Trent. No one owes you a thing. I guess you will be on the team proving yourself if you can pass a physical.
  20. From everything that I have read about Trent's agent is that he isn't very well respected around the league but Trent is loyal to him. Also who the heck does Trent Williams think he is? He is butt hurt because Rivera talked to Greg Olson before he talked to Trent? Trent Williams keeps saying that he doesn't have any ill will towards Dan Snyder but he is acting like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum. I lost any respect that I had for him when he seems to think he is special. If they don't trade him before the season starts then I would make him prove himself like Rivera said. Then whe
  21. I think that there are players that have this impression that they have all this leverage because of the culture that was created over the years of bad leadership in the front office. Snyder got bad advice from Vinny "I was in the draft room" Cerrato and Bruce "My father was a Head Coach" Allen. So Trent Williams thought that Rivera would follow suit and give him what he wanted believing that he had leverage. Bad conduct will get you out of town but it will also limit the amount of suitors that will trade for you. most of the time it doesn't work out. Just ask Antonio Brown.
  22. I just read the article about what his agent said and there was mention of a possible lawsuit. If Trent and his agent go the lawsuit route he will kill any chance of ever playing in the NFL because no team will want to deal with that. Like I have said, there are two sides to every story.
  23. I can see Trent Williams side because of the culture that was here prior to Rivera coming. Rivera tried to mend the fences with Williams but to no avail. Williams wants a long term deal and a kings ransom because he felt slighted by the organization. He says he has no ill will towards the Organization, the fans, or Dan Snyder but that is what he portrays when his agent comes out with a statement basically demanding a trade or release adding that disgruntle players get traded.
  24. As the original poster stated, we had the worst training staff in the NFL especially when we had three straight years of multiple players injured. Dunbar didn't have any guarantee money left on his contract and thought that he would be a disgruntle player, hold the team hostage, and get paid. But that was the culture before Rivera was hired. So when Dunbar walked back on his demand for a trade I think he wanted to see if Rivera was going to do. Then when Dunbar didn't get what he wanted he asked again for a trade and Ron was like, "Ok." Rivera is going to get the players that want to play and
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