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  1. paloosa

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Sunday Night was one game and anyone can win one of those games in the many tries Cousins has. You stated, "You have so many factually incorrect things in your statement i cant even begin" but you don't name any...To me that tells me you don't know what they are..If you also watched that game or the preview show they went through Cousins Record and it wasn't good. So if you can't name the "factual incorrect things' I will standby my comments.
  2. paloosa

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    No because he wasn't and still not worth the money he was asking besides he didn't want to be a Redskin anymore. Cousins wanted to be a paid big bucks because he put up big numbers that made him look good but never turned into wins. Everyone looks at his numbers but forget that most of those numbers were in garbage time because we were either were down 17 or more points and all the Redskins did was pass. But everyone wants to put him the same category as Brady, Manning, Rodgers and Brees. Cousins is not even in the same category as Brett Favre. Favre made a ton of turnovers but the team could count on him to make a game winning throw or bring a team back. No one can say or says that about Cousins. Look at what is said by the NFL pregame shows that have Hall of Famers on them and they don't think he is that good. But according to many on here think that "he was all that and a bag of chips." Cousins is a fiery competitor like Phillip Rivers but always falls short of winning it all because his light is dim when the team needs him to shine the brightest in big games. Why do you think he has a losing record in Prime time games?
  3. paloosa

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I am not saying he is a bad QB but he is not a guy that thrives under pressure and is a fumbler. Even the NFL analyst have put up the stats on him and they aren't completely sold on him either. If you look at numbers he is a good fit but if you look at wins against the best defense he is not even a guy that I would want under center. Yeah I didn't like the way it was handled by Allen and Snyder but I think it was the best move.
  4. paloosa

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Not a bit. Cousins is a fumbler and hasn't performed under pressure. If you look at his performances and the teams he played he hasn't exactly beat any good teams. Here are the teams, their defensive ranking, score of the game and what cousins has done against them: Team Score W/L Defense rank PC/ATT Yds TD Int Fumbles Atlanta Falcons 28-12 W 27 8/10 98 1 0 0 Green Bay Packers 21-16 L 22 14/32 230 1 2 2 Oakland Raiders 34-14 W 25 15/21 174 1 0 0 Chicago Bears 16-6 L 7 27/36 233 0 0 2 New York Giants 28-10 W 28 22/27 306 2 0 0 Philadelphia Eagles 38-20 W 14 22/29 333 4 1 0 Detriot Lions 42-30 W 31 24/34 338 4 0 0 Washington Redskins 19-9 W 26 23/26 285 0 0 0 So what is so special about Cousins? He put up great numbers against poor defenses and was aided by a good RB that was over 100 yds each game except 3. But in both loses he committed 6 turnovers in which 4 were fumbles for which he is known for. Not exactly an elite QB.
  5. paloosa

    Next Coach?

    It still happens
  6. paloosa

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    What makes you think the defense is overrated? Is it the players or the coaching? If you go with the players as the problem then you think Greg Manusky is a good DC. We got rid of Preston Smith and he is in Green Bay balling out in a good defense that is run by a good DC. Ha Ha Clinton Dix doing the same in Chicago. Let Payne and Allen go to another team and see them become All Pros. Peterson is still a good player because he kept himself in shape but Terry McLaurin is the best Offensive Player because he is balling out. He knows how to run a proper route and can get separation. He didn't learn that from Ike Hillard. I don't believe that the Punter is the best Player on the team but has been the MVP of the team for his punting. He is doing his job. This is the worst team I have ever seen as a Redskins fan for over 50 years and it is painful to watch.
  7. paloosa

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    I can't wait until the end of the season.
  8. paloosa

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    I guess 0-5 is the reality and 0-16 is very much in play right now. Jay Gruden finally admits his play calling is terrible and at 0-4 what is going to change? Gruden won't be here next year unless the sky opens up and they go undefeated which won't happen. The talent on this team is good but is not being used properly. The coaching is beyond terrible and the players are unprepared. I saw the defense do a stunt and was shocked even though it didn't work. I have never seen a Redskins team this bad ever and I have been a Redskins fan since the 60's. This team is done and the best I can hope for is to see if Haskins is for real and what players do we keep and who do we get rid of.
  9. paloosa

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    The Redskins definitely need a whole new coaching staff but who is going to take a job? Gruden is a terrible HC and doesn't know how to design a game plan nor make in-game adjustments. He is too soft on his players and doesn't hold them accountable to their miscues or mistakes. Poor tackling, too many penalties and lacking any urgency. I have been a Redskins fan since 1966 and have never seen such a poorly prepared team as this team. I have supported this team and still do but someone needs to be fired if they lose to the Giants. The players will say it is there responsibility because they are the ones playing but bad coaching will lead to losing. A game plan changes during a game and this bunch of coaches are out coached in every aspect.
  10. paloosa

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    the coaching staff is in a dead heat for the worst in the league with the Miami Dolphins. The defense looks like they can't get loose from the blockers. Never do any defensive line stunts. Can't get pressure on the QB. Kerrigan runs himself out of every play and never holds his containment which results in big runs on his side.The coaching staff can't adjust in game after their scripted plays. The offense can't sustain drives because of penalties that rookies make but are being made by 12 year vets. Other than that they look good. HaHaHaHa!!!
  11. Keenum did the best he could with the garbage Oline that had no starters. Haskins looked good at times with good arm strength but needs a lot of work to get his accuracy in tune. The NFL is different than College but he will be the real deal. I like Haskins arm and think he can be a starter for a long time. Kenum when he has time will be a good placeholder. The thing that is the big unknown is Colt McCoy. Is he completely healthy or what?
  12. paloosa

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Either pay him or let him sit at home. Then next year draft his replacement and move on. Donald Penn will do for now. I hate to see Trent do this or leave but he is under contract and he is doing this to himself.
  13. paloosa


    Josh Johnson is not worth bringing back because he makes too many mistakes and is an average QB. He has the arm but he uses his legs too much to make plays. All the great QB's had good offensive lines and got the ball to their playmakers. Josh Johnson doesn't do that and that is why he is on the street.
  14. paloosa

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    All this talk about getting Haskins, Murray, or someone like that and for what? To draft the farm for a Heisman Trophy winner and get a guy that has talent but flops in the NFL. RGIII is the most recent Redskins QB that fits that. Don Bebe was another, although the Redskins didn't bet the farm like they did with RGIII, but he was a talented Heisman trophy winner out of UCLA that was draft number 1 by the Redskins and flopped. Everyone wants the dynamic, flashy QB that can create plays with his feet but that type of player has not been the formula that equals to Super Bowl wins. If it was then Fran Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, and many others would have won multiple Super Bowls. If you want a Super Bowl winning, Franchise QB then you need to have one that fits and can run the coaches offense. The QB is only part of the puzzle. If you don't have a very good offensive line and good players at the playmaking positions then a talented QB does you no good. The Redskins, IMHO, need to draft or address the OL at OG and OT in the first 2 rounds or in FA. I am talking Top talent and not someones retread or has injury issues coming out of college. Third round we need to look at a WR from a college that runs a Pro style offense or a safety. Then they should address the best players available at that point. But no matter what they do or who they draft they will not be successful if they don't have the right guys coaching them or the buy-in from the players.
  15. paloosa

    Starting QB 2019???

    It doesn't matter what QB we pick or have on our roster if the offense is garbage. Jay Gruden's offense is terrible because he doesn't know when to make adjustments to the game plan when things aren't going right. This whole season showed that. Yeah they were 6-3 before Smith broke his leg but seriously they weren't lighting up the scoreboard. Our WR's were non-existent and a vertical threat wasn't there. Alex Smith and Colt McCoy are good QB's but they aren't a good system that accents their abilities. When was the last time you saw the Redskins throw a slant? Jay Gruden's offense from what I have observed is made up of curl routes, bubble screens and out patterns. You always here that they limit the plays called when a back up is in the game but you don't see that on other teams around the league. Take Philly for example. When Wentz went down, Foles came in without any dip in performance. Colt McCoy has been here for 5 or 6 years and they say he knows the system but they still went out and traded for Alex Smith. So McCoy is not the answer at the starter if Smith is not at the beginning of the year. Josh Johnson is not either. I have been a Redskins fan for over 45 years and Joe Gibbs, Bobby Beathard, and Charlie Casserly were the reason that the Redskins won the Super Bowls with the teams they had. They assembled great teams that were disciplined and maximizing their talents. Why do you think teams like the Steelers, the Packers, and the Patriots stay on top? They have great coaching, great scouting, great Front Office, and an Owner that allows them to do their job. So until the Redskins get the correct mix it won't mater who they have a QB.