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  1. paloosa


    Josh Johnson is not worth bringing back because he makes too many mistakes and is an average QB. He has the arm but he uses his legs too much to make plays. All the great QB's had good offensive lines and got the ball to their playmakers. Josh Johnson doesn't do that and that is why he is on the street.
  2. paloosa

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    All this talk about getting Haskins, Murray, or someone like that and for what? To draft the farm for a Heisman Trophy winner and get a guy that has talent but flops in the NFL. RGIII is the most recent Redskins QB that fits that. Don Bebe was another, although the Redskins didn't bet the farm like they did with RGIII, but he was a talented Heisman trophy winner out of UCLA that was draft number 1 by the Redskins and flopped. Everyone wants the dynamic, flashy QB that can create plays with his feet but that type of player has not been the formula that equals to Super Bowl wins. If it was then Fran Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, and many others would have won multiple Super Bowls. If you want a Super Bowl winning, Franchise QB then you need to have one that fits and can run the coaches offense. The QB is only part of the puzzle. If you don't have a very good offensive line and good players at the playmaking positions then a talented QB does you no good. The Redskins, IMHO, need to draft or address the OL at OG and OT in the first 2 rounds or in FA. I am talking Top talent and not someones retread or has injury issues coming out of college. Third round we need to look at a WR from a college that runs a Pro style offense or a safety. Then they should address the best players available at that point. But no matter what they do or who they draft they will not be successful if they don't have the right guys coaching them or the buy-in from the players.
  3. paloosa

    Starting QB 2019???

    It doesn't matter what QB we pick or have on our roster if the offense is garbage. Jay Gruden's offense is terrible because he doesn't know when to make adjustments to the game plan when things aren't going right. This whole season showed that. Yeah they were 6-3 before Smith broke his leg but seriously they weren't lighting up the scoreboard. Our WR's were non-existent and a vertical threat wasn't there. Alex Smith and Colt McCoy are good QB's but they aren't a good system that accents their abilities. When was the last time you saw the Redskins throw a slant? Jay Gruden's offense from what I have observed is made up of curl routes, bubble screens and out patterns. You always here that they limit the plays called when a back up is in the game but you don't see that on other teams around the league. Take Philly for example. When Wentz went down, Foles came in without any dip in performance. Colt McCoy has been here for 5 or 6 years and they say he knows the system but they still went out and traded for Alex Smith. So McCoy is not the answer at the starter if Smith is not at the beginning of the year. Josh Johnson is not either. I have been a Redskins fan for over 45 years and Joe Gibbs, Bobby Beathard, and Charlie Casserly were the reason that the Redskins won the Super Bowls with the teams they had. They assembled great teams that were disciplined and maximizing their talents. Why do you think teams like the Steelers, the Packers, and the Patriots stay on top? They have great coaching, great scouting, great Front Office, and an Owner that allows them to do their job. So until the Redskins get the correct mix it won't mater who they have a QB.
  4. I was born in 1961 and I use to watch the Redskins with my dad who was a huge Redskins fan. He use to tell me that they had great offenses during that time but bad coach and terrible ownership mostly because George Preston Marshall was a cheapskate. When Jack Kent Cooke bought the team then the team started to win and be a competitor. Cooke spent money and made good investments in players and coaches that made sense. The greatest accomplishment and best thing Cooke did was hire Joe Gibbs and Bobby Beathard and Charlie Casserly after that. Cooke was well respect and had smart FO people running the team. Snyder's problem is that he didn't know anything about running a NFL franchise and has made bad FO decisions. Cerrato was hired because he was in the room with Bill Walsh when they put together the San Francisco 49ers roster that won several Super Bowls. He never made any of the good decisions. Allen was hired because of his Father, George Allen and his time as the Tampa Bay GM during the time Tony Dungy was building that team. Allen is better than Cerrato but is just as bad as a HC evaluator as Cerrato. The Redskins during the 50's and 60's had a lot of good players and were tough, disciplined players, from what my dad told me, but lacked the resources to make them competitive year in and year out.
  5. My take is that Snyder is not going to sell the team and he doesn't need to. What he needs to do is start doing his research on good GM's and people that know how to build a winning organization. My thoughts are first fire Allen now and Gruden the day after the season ends. Promote Doug Williams to GM and have him evaluate the FO personnel. Keep the good and get rid of the bad. Have Williams evaluate and conduct a search for a HC that has the respect of the players around the league. after the season Interview candidates from winning organizations such as New England and Pittsburg for example. Evaluate the scouting department and strength and conditioning department. Keep the good and get rid of the bad. After you find the next HC, hopefully within a month or two of the season ending, then evaluate each player and see who you are going to keep and let the others go. Let the HC fill out his coaching staff as he sees fit and only keep OL, Special Teams, and possibly Dline coaches. everyone else kick to the curb. Then devise a game plan for the draft that targets the positions they need to field a competitive team. They need to draft an OG, ILB, CB, WR. Be a player in FA only if it fits the system and it doesn't break the bank. Trade away players that will bring value and draft picks. Trade up in the draft to get impact or discipline durable players that will help build a winning tradition.
  6. paloosa

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I have been a Redskins fan for a long time and I have seen the good and the bad of this team especially when they last won the Super Bowl. So when I see a guy like Jay Gruden as a head coach I see a bad Head Coach with bad assistant coaches at the skill positions. The only two good assistant coaches he has are the Oline, Special teams coach and a 50/50 Dline coach. All the rest of the coaches are garbage. He never adjusts or manages the clock well. He doesn't even have a hurry up or two minute offense. He has a Hall of Fame RB that he underutilizes and a passing game that hasn't even had a WR over a 100 yards in a game that I can remember. Sure we can say that this team has been destroyed by injuries but that goes back to the HC and his staff. Lack of preparation and conditioning are the cause of that. I could go on and on and on but the truth is in the results he has produced. He isn't a very good HC and he needs to be fired after the season.
  7. I don't know who Eric Schaeffer or Kyle Smith are because I don't follow the front office as much as I should since I have been a Redskins Fan since 1970. With that said I believe that Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden should be fired because they are the ones that have constructed and coached this team as it is today. Bruce has selected very good talent but not necessarily one that has fit what scheme is being run. Jay Gruden has had 5 years to coach a successful team and has only one playoff appearance in that time and he didn't win his first playoff game. He hasn't won 10 ball games in a season yet and his teams are the worst prepared teams in the league. Poor tackling, penalties, poor conditioning, poor play calling, poor in-game adjustments and poor clock management. Bruce Allen needs to go because he hasn't addressed the O-Line especially at Left Guard and Center and now at Left Tackle with Trent Williams having to play injured. He also traded fro Alex Smith and gave them the best new up and coming CB. Our Defense was suppose to be the strength of the team and they look like a high school team that can't stop a bunch of old men trying to relive their youth. We paid Zach Brown a bunch of money and he forgot how to tackle. Our linebackers are garbage and can't cover anyone or even get to the QB. Our CB's 95% of the time give 10 yard cushions to every receiver they play against and this has been the team's MO for the last 10+ years. Our Dline don't disrupt anything and our LB's are always out of position especially Mason Foster. He has slow reaction time and misses assignments continuously. So who evaluates these guys? Who is coaching these guys? Payne has been coached down and isn't the disrupted force he was in college. You can say that everyone in the Pros are good but Payne is an exceptional player being underutilized. Ryan Kerrigan is a liability because when you need a screen play to work, you just let him rush because you will be successful 96% of the time. He allows himself to be blocked on plays and is always out of position. Look at every game after the Falcons game and teams go right down the field at will against the supposedly improved Defense.They have are the worst against stopping anyone on 3rd down. I know I have gone away from the original topic of the post but the point is this whole organization needs to be evaluated as a whole and if the whole front office and coaching staff needs to be gutted then so be it. Then every player has to be made to evaluated. made to compete and earn their job.
  8. paloosa

    The Conspiracy Thread

    I think there is always some truth in what the OPer said but I also feel that some of the stuff is also self induced. But I see a lot of calls that normally don't get called by officials get called on us or they see it and either don't call it or they call it and someone totally out of position comes in and overturns it. So I agree that there are a lot of questions about these things but at the end of the day it is about how you perform and do your job that makes the difference. Mara did take advantage of his positional power and screwed both the Redskins and the Cowboys. But if you really want this all to stop. The Head Coach, GM, or President of the Team or all three need to make a stand and tell the players that all of the crap of internal fighting and finger point stops now. That if they don't perform or gets a penalty that cost them from being successful then they will either get benched or fined or both depending on the severity of the penalty. Then back it up. That way you holding them and the team accountable for their actions. It has to apply to everyone without exceptions. That will weed out the "Energy Vampires." They are the ones that suck the energy out of the team. You can then get rid of them and provide a winning culture like in New England and Pittsburg. You don't see those two teams having leaks or bad things happen to them over and over again.
  9. paloosa

    **** the Cowboys

    I hate all the Cowboy "love-fest" that is going on also. Those ***holes and retards aren't that much better than us. As I posted in this forum, they aren't any better than the Redskins. At least we can win a playoff game in the last 10 years. Every year they get picked as the Super BOwl favorites and for what? Because Jerry Jones is going to save the troubled players of the NFL one player at a time. So he added TO, Tank Johnson, and Adam "Don't call me Pacman any more" Jones. So what? does that make them the automatic winner of the Super Bowl entry for the NFC? No. If you really look at their talent and then at ours, there really isn't any difference. Sure you can toss the Tony Romo regular season QB rating at us but he S**Ks during the playoffs. He is really good but he isn't Brett Favre, his idol, and trying to play like him is going to get you the same results that Favre got. A lot of regular season wins but nothing else to show for it. Yes, Brett Favre won a Super Bowl but lost a lot of opportunities because of his gunslinger mentality. That is Tony Romo's problem and until he gets that part of his play out of him, if he ever does, then he will always come up short. That is what happens with these Cowboy teams of now. They win early and lose late because they think they can turn it on and off any time they need to. Tom Landry coached teams never underestimated their opponents as much as Jerry Jones and his coaches have. Jerry Jones is not a saint but he isn't a savior either. So **** the Cow**** and all of their fans. Jerry Jones will never get back to the promise land and I am willing to say that Dan Snyder will win one before he will.