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  1. For anyone who missed Guerrero vs Berto last night, you missed a very hard inside fight for 12 rounds. Guerrero fought a bit dirty but overall very good entertaining fight and I'd love to see a rematch. Great fight!
  2. RIP Manny your commentary will sorely be missed My personal favorite " and here comes GATTI BACK!!!"
  3. Thanks for the heads up, I don't know anything about Alvarado feel free to enlighten
  4. I thought I was the only one that noticed this. I'd say ever since he joined Freddie Roach it seems like he's "gained" power. He was extremely skinny during the weigh in and immediately drinking the protein shakes after the weigh in. On a side note, Showtime's fight line up tonight has been stellar thus far (into the Ponce De Leon fight)
  5. Kahn loses to Danny Garcia in an exciting fight tonight on HBO This is why boxing is still better than MMA! Kahn dominated the fight in rounds 1 through 3 and was still dominating in 4 until he was blasted by a "lucky" counter left hook. From that point forward I was shocked, amazed, and became a fan of Amir Kahn's heart. The fight was stopped in the 4th after I believe it was the 4th knock down. Very exciting to watch, I wish he woulda made it through but the stoppage was a good one because Kahn was slow to respond to questions, requested movements, etc. several times prior
  6. I would tend to agree with you on that as well. Don King has actually faded from the limelight as of late from the fights I personally witness. It seems like he was on top of the world throughout the 90s and into early 2000s but then was exposed I guess and fighters have often signed elsewhere. However, I think he was the most corrupt of all time and Bob Arum would be in a close second. Now that Top Rank has survived all these years I'd agree that Arum keeps money in house as much as possible to make himself as rich as possible and is basically full of b.s. Out of all the managements to choo
  7. Can you give it a rest for a bit? I mean no offense but all you talk about is having Floyd's back on a Redskin message board even when someone else just states their opinion. Let it go sometimes With that being said, someone last commented on the corruptness of boxing. I don't think it is any worse now than it has been but one observation I've made over the last 10 years or so is that Golden Boy was formed with a lot of former big name boxers (De La Hoya, joining later Moseley, BHop) in order to help give boxers better share of money over promoters. Then it grew, now it's more or less no diff
  8. QFT I guess the only reason no one digs into boxing and the rampant steriod use and lack of testing is because of just how dirty it is? Higher ups getting paid off to look another way or maybe boxing has slid so far back from the limelight that no one really cares. Either way I'm in strong support of what Jr. has caused but I do agree it stemmed from being scared of his opponent and grasping at that straw which in all accounts and purposes was probably the truth about Manny since he denied the test.....now he's good with the test.... Anyhow, another disappointment but it's for the best sinc
  9. Actually you're wrong, for the most part the thread is used during/after a fight night. However, any and all Floyd vs Manny talk is basically what you summarize
  10. After watching the fight between Mayweather and Cotto this past weekend I did notice one thing that could cause Mayweather some issues if he were to ever choose to fight Pacquiao. Cotto pushed on him and May chose to roll the punches with his shoulder in the corner but many times he was vulnerable to a left hook (if you could find his head, great head movement). With the fact that Manny is a south paw and an obvious aggressive puncher I do believe he'll catch Floyd with some big shots that he's not used to catching. With all that being said, I do know and acknowledge Floyd's ring inte
  11. LOL, I don't necessarily blame the ref since it is a Texas rule and it looked as though he was told the decision had to be made after he finished his count. He even said (from what I could hear) during his count "1...2...3...4...5....you've got to be ****ing kidding me....6....7...8" So I think he just had to do it. I'd blame Texas and karma, I personally think Molina fought a fight he had to in order to win but what a chump way of fighting in general. He held waaaaaaayyyy to much, he did go in with his head ALOT and while it was/is a good game plan it's pretty dirty and karma bit him in the
  12. Close fight all the way up till about 9th/10th round....Martinez showing much better stamina and sharp punching still late in the fight start of the 11th now I didn't think it was going to go much longer after the beating he started to give him around the 10th.....he had a killer shot at the end of the 11th leading to two total knock downs Overall Martinez looked as though he didn't take this fight serious enough but he did figure Macklin out (head movement) and once he did it was a systematic breakdown in the later rounds once Macklin had basically worn down through punches and overall work
  13. HBO Boxing tonight decent lineup Rodriguez vs George Martinez vs Macklin I'm watching the 1st fight now and its actually pretty entertaining, pretty much a grind it out fight with Rodriguez showing a bit more skill thus far (finished 8th round) I'm guessing that Macklin gets KTFO before 4 rounds are through but mainly because I know nothing about him except he's European, mainly British that they're dubbing Irish because of his name and the holiday.....mainly to sell seats and fans will not be upset when he's blown out....just a guess though we'll see how it turns out soon ---------- Post
  14. I loved the fights on HBO this past weekend, that was very fun to watch. Bronner was simply a superior talent to his opponent, I do agree the show he puts on is a good bit corny but its definetly more desirable to watch than Floyd being the biggest douche (and most fake person) in the history of the sport (for show or not). I do agree Bronner wants to be the next Floyd but I'm curious if he'll take a turn to be a "bad guy" or if he'll continue his simply flashy style that albiet corny does fit him well since he's already started it. Alexander won me back as a fan of his, I really lost a lot
  15. Again selecting Cotto as May's next opponent is after carefully watching enough film to select a slower opponent who has a name well enough that will draw a crowd and leave millions disappointed. I highly doubt Mayweather stands and fights or even remotely resembles his 4 round exhibition against Ortiz, he will get on his bike like he did against De La Hoya and easily out box Cotto to a snooze fest of a win. The best of boxing is when we get the unheralded fighters on regular HBO.
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