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  1. Looking for someone to refresh my memory. When should I be expecting hard copies of my season tickets in the mail? Thanks!
  2. Just finished up my upgrade and have to say I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. Last years seats: Section 452 Row 22 Seats 1 and 2 This years seats: Section 453 Row 13 Seats 22 and 23 Was able to move closer to the 50 and down 9 rows, although we lost our isle seats we are only 2 seats away which is a plus. There were some lower level seats available in pairs but I'm not committed to spending that much money on the team until we start seeing a better product on the field. That coupled with me making the six hour drive from NY to every Redskins home game makes it difficult to dr
  3. I received my upgrade information two days ago. I'm a season ticket holder since 2012. My upgrade period starts June 2nd and 2 PM. For what it's worth if your account is registered to a gmail account then you will find the upgrade information under the promotional section not your general inbox.
  4. I've already been approved for the Barclay card and should be getting it in the mail here any day now. Can't pass up interest free for six months on any ticket purchases (this year and every year thereafter), also 20% on the Redskins team store on-line.. Few questions though about the perks of the Redskins Barclay card. One of the perks says that Cardmembers show their card at the table outside Section 142 to receive a free gift. I'm curious as to what kind of gift I should be expected and would it be worth my time to stop by there prior to a game? Also - you mention that I should move
  5. Thank you for taking the time to explain the ins and outs of the upgrade process SonnyandSam. I don't plan on bailing on this team any time soon, it took seven years for me to get from the waiting list to an actual season ticket holder. Even though I'm from NY I bleed Burgundy and Gold through and through.
  6. That explains it. I thought it was too good to be true. Thanks for the clarification. I'm curious if anyone was in my situation last year that I'm in this year. Upper Level looking to move down some rows, closer to 50, etc. What type of offer should I get at the upgrade from where I currently stand? Also - realistically how long would it take to move down to the lower level seats via the upgrade process....10-15 years?
  7. Someone who posted earlier stated that the Redskins were offering 40% off at club level....That's where I got the two grand from. But a couple other people said they had different offers on clubs
  8. I'm going to be renewing for my second year as a season ticket holder. Currently have two seats sitting in UL, Sect 450, Row 22. I'm already approved for the Redskins Barclay card and will be paying in full prior to March 1st to get a chance to upgrade my seats. Curious what peoples experience is relative to how long I should expect to be a season ticket holder before getting the opportunity to move to the lower level. Typically does the move go UL > CL > LL? My current invoice sits at about $1500 but I'd be willing to bump it up to $2000 if I could move to the club level. I
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