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    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Did Haynesworth go back to school??
  2. We should change the name to something fitting, honoring a very noble organization: The Boy Scouts of America. We should change the name to "Weeblo."
  3. You know I was reading the article on PFT about Browner's disdain for the name and saw that he incorrectly attributed the name to scalps for bounties. One of the comments in that section accused the defenders of the name as "emotional." I believe we have more facts defending the name, however they never get reported. It's the change-the-name side that seems to be emotional. I would love to see PFT, King, Wise, et al address each of these topics: 1. If the name is so offensive, why is 85% of the nation unoffended. 90% of Native Americans were unoffended. 2. The reason behind the Red Mesa Redskins, and several other Native Reservations that referr to themselves are Redskins. 3. How this is different from the North Dakota Fighting Souix, where the Souix voted overwhelmingly to KEEP the name, but the NCAA mandated they change it a year later. 4. Ray Halbritter's background and legality as Oneida nation representative. 5. Susan Harjo's background and referring to whites as "The Disease"
  4. Two things that really stood out to me...one: no mention of Susan Harjo changing her radio show name, "Talking Red." And the Syracuse Chiefs are still the Chiefs...they're the Nats AAA Affiliate.
  5. I call bull****. This seems like TMZ patching a story together. They're not exactly known for their jounalistic integrity. Snyder already owns the rights to the name Washington Warriors--why wouldn't he just use that instead of paying for the atrocious "Bravehearts?"
  6. God I hate the ACLU...They are now calling on the Vikings to boycott the Redskins name: http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2013/10/aclu_calls_on_vikings_to_boycott_redskins_when_washington_comes_to_metrodome.php
  7. At the very least it gives the appearance of a conflict of issue. If they are "in bed" with the main plaintiff, of course they are going to help broadcast their views
  8. Yeah...they are coming out in droves: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/football-insider/wp/2013/09/15/about-two-dozen-protest-redskins-name-at-lambeau-field/
  9. I've never heard of the Daily Caller before, but they are calling out Costas and his "affiliation" with the Ray Halbritter. http://dailycaller.com/2013/10/23/bob-costas-network-partners-with-tribe-changing-to-change-redskins-name/ I think you're going to start to see these two "heads"--Halbritter and Harjo--get more scrutiny the longer this carries on. They eventually be discredited as whack-jobs.
  10. Just goes to show how one-sided the media REALLY is in this issue... I really believe it's dying down. Issues like this can only hold the fire for so long...
  11. Yet, for some reason, PFT can't see any reason why they wouldn't run those ads...
  12. What's really funny about the Wizards name? Jesse Jackson protested it as offensive...because of references to take Grand Wizard of the KKK.
  13. This is so maddening--the more the half truths get reported the most full truths they become. So Rick Reilly "misquoted" his father-in-law, and a ****storm ensued. Well, now the pro-name-change side knows how it feels. If this was any kind of fair forum, PFT would be roasting Ray Halbritter instead of Rick Reilly.
  14. I wonder what UnWise Mike and the other cause heads feel about Columbus Day...
  15. It's official, this is what this country and its media are coming to:
  16. Herein lies my problem with the letter. On face value, it was well-written, articulate and clearly defines why the Redskins organization is standing by the name. The problem is, Snyder wrote it. He will always be Little Insensitive Jerk Danny Snyder in the eyes of the media. Everything he does now will be viewed in that vein. He can do nothing right. Which, as I have said before, he needs to do. Nothing. Charlatans and Glory hogs like Harjo and Halbritter eventually burn themselves out. Letters like this only add fuel to the fire. Snyder loves the team--and I love that fact that he is the owner right now. He will not change unless he is absolutely forced to. But he is a PR nightmare. The media will view everything he does as the Little Insensitive Jerk. And the bottom line is--this name is going nowhere until sponsors start bailing. The Redskins are entirely too lucrative of an advertising agent to start bailing because 25 Native Americans show up to protest.
  17. Riggo#44

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Well...the real ones anyway....
  18. I am getting so sick of this issue--mostly because the name-change crowds arguments are getting more and more absurd--especially in light of more native americans saying they don't care about the name. It's amazing how this has been spun, with the larger majority not getting a ounce of air time.
  19. A little off topic but New Hampshire banned it b/c of "bullying concerns." : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/28/school-dodgeball-ban-windham-new-hampshire_n_2973792.html Here is more crap: http://www.nytimes.com/2001/05/06/us/increasingly-schools-move-to-restrict-dodgeball.html
  20. They'll be next. Trust me--it won't stop here. It'll be the Braves, Chiefs, Indians, every college and HS with a American Indian Mascot. Even the Seminoles who have the right to use that name...granted by the Seminole tribe. Then comes the PETA crackpots...$20 says they are offended by the animal mascots b/c it encourages "animal fighting for sport" or some cracked out theory. Like Bang nailed earlier--we are becoming a nation of pussies. You can't play dodgeball because it discriminates against the fat kids. You can't get an 'F' in school because it hurts kids feelings. My mother taught in Mont. Co. Schools for 20+ years--she couldn't give a kid below a 50 in a test because it hurts their self-esteem. Utter bullcrap. Ok...rant over. The comparison to the word 'colored' is disingenuous--just about every black person would be offended by that. Approx. 10% of AIs are offended by Redskins. 15% of the nation are offended. There certainly would be more than 9 people at a rally if they were named the Washington Coloreds. God I hate this crap!
  21. I have been a part of a group on the receiving end of an attack like this. The best thing for fans, Redskins players, the organization and Dan Snyder himself is to do nothing. Do what they have to do in court, but publicly, do and say nothing. This issue will burn itself out, especially with Godell's backing.
  22. I would love for him to round a corner looking for cover in a cell and Hershel is standing there. Cold eyed. The Governer sees him and laughs, in his shmarmy way, not realizing he is holding a "goddamned hand cannon." Hershel, without a word, raises the gun and shoots the Governer in the chest. As he dies, all Hershel says is "That is for Maggie."
  23. Herschel. In the Prison. With the revolver. For what he did to his daughter.