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  1. 22 hours ago, CjSuAvE22 said:

    im going to the game sunday and im going to try to get the entire stadium to chant "FIRE BRUCE ALLEN" lets pray hes fired Monday morning 


    You might find these tools useful ;)



  2. 39 minutes ago, Hooterman said:

    Not at $30 million I don't regret it.  If the price tag were $20 million it would be a different story.

    We could have signed him for much cheaper instead doofus Bruce decided to tag him at $20 mil, and his price kept on escalating. I don't regret him since I believe he couldn't have raised his game being part of this dysfunctional team. It seems so far that he is improving like so many former Redskins, Preston says Hi There ! ;)

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  3. 1 hour ago, Wildbunny said:

    Well, he doesn't really need to buy the whole team. But something like 30/40 should allow him to settle with minority owners and claim the title over Dan Snyder. Dan has something like 60 or 70% of the team at best if I'm right.


    He sold 15% of the club to real estate developer Dwight Schar, 15% to Florida based financier Robert Rothman and 5% to Frederick W. Smith, owner and founder of Federal Express


    Can put up with the Washington Amazons as long as Snyder is definitely kicked out of DC :ph34r:;)

    Until then thanks @ConnSKINS26 :silly:



  4. 2 hours ago, Dirt said:


    We just want it to get bad enough for change.  I'm personally hoping that Dan and Bruce get into a drunken argument - Bruce says something out of line and Dan fires him.  That's the realistic goal at this point. 


    They'll probably get drunk together celebrating their next move into dysfunctionality


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  5. So, Who Wants to Be Dan Snyder’s Next Coach ?


    This is a franchise that had the entire cabal of young, star offensive coaches on one staff (Kyle Shanahan, Sean McVay, Matt LaFleur) and burned it down. This is a franchise that had the offensive rookie of the year at quarterback and burned it down. Even when they trip into something worthwhile, they can’t help but fiddle with the product until the situation is completely untenable.


    Someone will try and fix up the house because they always do. Coaches are a naturally adventurous—and confident—lot. Someone will believe that all the other guys just couldn’t handle a strong personality on the floor above. But at some point they’ll realize the same thing every other person who tried and failed here has realized: There’s only so much you can do to the place without evicting the owners.

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  6. redskins-logo.jpg REDSKINS (1-8)
    Previous rank: No. 31

    Give the Redskins this: They know how to get it over with. Washington lost for the third straight week -- and for the third straight week under interim coach Bill Callahan, the game ended in well under three hours. This is happening because of Washington's unwavering commitment to the run with unsteady rookie Dwayne Haskins behind center. The Redskins have run the ball on 51.9 percent of plays since Week 6, when Callahan took over for the fired Jay Gruden; they only ran on 31.2 percent of plays in the season's first five weeks. This shift in philosophy has not led to greater success. In fact, the Redskins have now gone three straight weeks without scoring a touchdown, a first for the team since 1950. You have to go all the way back to 2008 to find the last team to accomplish that "feat" -- the Romeo Crennel-led Cleveland Browns. This is not the company you want to keep.

  7. 17 hours ago, mhd24 said:

    Say we end up with the 3rd pick and Tua/Burrow and Young are off the board.  Do we take the other QB?  I've been looking at Burrow and he looks like a far superior prospect then Haskins.  Its not even close.  That guy looks like a natural QB.  Haskins is way too mechanical right now.

    Snydallen is going to stick with Callahan to keep his "precious" ;)