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  1. Coronavirus: Discovery clinical trial stuck for lack of European cooperation Sincere condolances may he rest in peace.
  2. Public opinion monitoring in the time of COVID-19 Attitudes towards governments' responses and trust in public institutions Citizens are overall satisfied with the way their governments are handling the coronavirus crisis, as was the case in previous weeks. Three new multi-country studies, presented in detail in the next section of this newsletter, show some interesting differences among European countries with regard to trust in government and public institutions: •Ipsos survey in France, Germany, UK, Italy, Austria, Sweden, New Zealand: The citizens of the countries most affected by the
  3. Modern ‘Romeo and Juliet’ who ‘fell in love at first sight’
  4. Llama Antibodies Could Help Fight Against COVID-19
  5. Teams acquiring 2021 draft picks could end up regretting it
  6. Liberty's Antonio Gandy-Golden a NFL Draft sleeper worth talking more about
  7. Sure, the thing I don't like is what was just said about him on NFL network that he is a follower not a leader and someone you can't trust. We must assume Rivera will make sure he's not going to be a distraction.
  8. Road to the Pros: LSU Tackle Saahdiq Charles' Off the Field Concerns Could Supersede On Field Talent Analyst: Saahdiq Charles in the next tier of NFL Draft OTs
  9. If he can control that speed, we might have another sensational receiving duo after Monk-Clark.
  10. Things are getting worse as I was expecting. Now we can't claim anything just listening to what teams may offer.
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