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  1. FrFan

    Next Coach?

  2. Report: Trent Williams might return if not traded, but still might not play
  3. FrFan

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I blame the Nats !
  4. I'm worrying since he didn't show any sign of the slightest improvement so far, and worst of all he's a Snyder pick. Good luck to him anyways.
  5. FrFan

    Who should be the next GM?

    Which competent worthy GM will accept to deal with a meddling fantasy football fan ?
  6. WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Sell everyone, but start with running back Chris Thompson. Should D.C. part ways with Trent Williams? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. But all indications are Bruce Allen and associates have no interest in doing so. With Jay Gruden already out the door, it should be rebuilding time in Landover proper. Asked to choose just one player to offload, I'll go with Thompson, a versatile pass-catching back in the final year of his deal in D.C. Adrian Peterson is clearly Bill Callahan's favored back, and Derrius Guice should return from injury shortly. Potential compensation: 2020 fourth-round pick. Link
  7. FrFan

    Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: Wassup Cuz, AP Is Coming Home

    Since Kirk Left ! "DID YOU KNOW THAT SINCE COUSINS HAS LEFT WASHINGTON, THE REDSKINS HAVE PLAYED SIX DIFFERENT QUARTERBACKS?? SIX!!! They’ve had five different starters and whenever Dwayne Haskins gets his first NFL start, that will make a half dozen starting quarterbacks in less than two years. Perhaps it’s just coincidence? Perhaps it’s karma and those football gods shaking their finger at the executive branch? In those 23 games with Minnesota, Kirk Cousins & the Vikings have a (13-9-1) record. He’s (557-795) which is an outstanding 70.1% completion rate. Cousins has thrown for 6,009 yards with a 43- 13 touchdown to interception ratio. He’s averaging 7.6 yards per attempt, 7.9 adjusted yards per pass attempt, 10.8 yards per pass completion, 261.3 yards per game (just one-tenth of a yard below what he averaged in Washington, 261.4 career). Cousins has a 103.2 quarterback rating."
  8. FrFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No, he did wrong and we paid the price. He decided to use his “I-4 Off Ramp” strategy (symbol of his arrogance), while the League had advised all franchises to not use the 2010 uncapped season as a way to create cap room. Shanny was supposed to have final say on football matters, yet danny boy force the stupid McNabb trade and sold the house to select RG3. BA was the one who offered a five year $78 million extension to a 34 years old washed up QB, not the best way to manage the cap imo. He just did it again with the stupid Alex Smith contract.
  9. FrFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce Allen is the epitome of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  10. FrFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    FC Bruges
  11. FrFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    SNYDER: Redskins' formula works for Allen, but everyone else is on their own
  12. In terms of OTs this upcoming draft is loaded we shall seize this opportunity by trading TW asap. I believe his trade value will drop during the offseason. I still can't believe the Texans sold their house for Tunsil !, and we did nothing.
  13. FrFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    "We're close"
  14. FrFan

    Next Coach?

    "Both Shanahans have coached in multiple cities. The dysfunction they jointly experienced in D.C. still lingers with them, six years later. That’s something every candidate for the coaching job there needs to keep in mind." Link
  15. FrFan

    Is it time to go Nuclear on Snyder???

    " Two people familiar with Snyder’s thinking described him as being stuck, unsure of what he should do to bring the winning he has always said he craves. " link Two decades later he still hasn't figured it out.
  16. This draft has a lot of talented OTs
  17. FrFan

    What the hell is Wrong with Scherff?

    He's growing something, It is believed to be connected to an early stage of Trentus Williamsis syndrom
  18. FrFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Kurt, Kyle, Matt and Sean say Hi There Bruce
  19. When I see what the Texans gave to the Fins for Tunsil couldn't we have reached a deal with them ?