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  1. I believe so. Goodell is a joke, he said “We strongly condemn the unprofessional, disturbing and abhorrent behavior and workplace environment alleged in the report which is entirely inconsistent with our standards and has no place in the NFL,”, but in the mean time he won't hire an independant investigator. He will probably order to destroy the tapes just like he did during the Spygate investigation.
  2. Sorry for your loss may she rest in peace, and good luck for the future.
  3. PSG has invested €1 billion for that ! Bayern scorer comes from PSG youth academy ! A few years back PSG fired their coach, Ancelotti, the next season he won the CL with Real Madrid !
  4. Drug treatments for covid-19: living systematic review and network meta-analysis Five Countries Handling COVID-19 Well
  5. Thank you, yes it was shut down the new season will begin this week-end. We had the cup final between PSG and ASSE, beside that only friendlies. PSG played 4, Lyon played 6.
  6. We must enjoy having 2 clubs in the final four for the first time, it won't happen any time soon again imo.
  7. Tthis is another case of unfathomable stupidity https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/nfl-star-adrian-peterson-confronted-with-financial-woes-despite-making-nearly-100m/news-story/b9513642ae265c341c55c83e404cd10f
  8. "“MEAWW has never ever taken any payment for any articles, and we have a very strict policy against doing so,” wrote Dean Williams, editor in chief of MEAWW. “Mr. Snyder and his lawyers have indulged in a campaign of intimidation against our employees — both current and former — turning up on their doorsteps and demanding to know the name of the person who allegedly divulged information to us on Mr. Snyder in a culture of sustained bullying that left many of our staff shaken. This person does not exist because we have had NO contact with anyone.” Late Friday evening, Snyder’s at
  9. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-opt-out-players-2020-deadline/cr1pgi9ju4si114b3xsbhtpve
  10. Friedkin would offer €575 million
  11. I feel really sorry for the people, the country is ifacing an economic turmoil and now this. I have a friend, her daughter's appartment was hit by the blast, all the windows were shattered. Her appartment is 2 kms away from the blast site !
  12. Washington releases first team merchandise, and it's possible there are clues for the franchise's future name
  13. There is no data and no publication available to support the claim.
  14. Some medias (manipulation, misinformation) get a huge kick out of raising anxiety levels and drama, I wish they could be punished.
  15. Fritz Pollard Alliance to ask league to investigate Washington's process for its recent front-office hires Quick hires, one (Bateman) tainted with the usual cronyism
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