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  1. That's the only way to ensure Haskins will be onboard next year, since he's been a Snydallen pick.
  2. Get your Shipwreck IPA packs ready
  3. FrFan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Which NFL Teams' Fans Drink the Most? Fans of the Oakland Raiders came in first as the heaviest drinkers. With Raiders fans drinking an average of 3 drinks in one sitting on a non-game day and 3.5 drinks on average in one sitting on a game-day, they out-drink any other team in the NFL. Following the Oakland Raiders are the Los Angeles Chargers and the Washington Redskins.
  4. As much as I read about this situation, I tend to believe that Trent's story contains contradictions. It wasn't about money, then he confessed it's also about guaranteed money. He complained that no team official visited him in the hospital in Chicago. An anonymous source from within the organization claimed that Snyder flew him and athletic director Hess to Chicago, and Hess stayed a week there to monitor Trent's condition. Lately he asked the union to not participate in the review of his health record. Why that ? We could have saved ourselves another drama and negative attention by simply trading him to the Texans for draft picks. Instead Redskins circus ring leader Bruce Allen decide to go on a Lose-Lose vendetta.
  5. The Redskins have twice been the most injured team in football. Is that bad luck or bad planning? Can you provide more info ? Is the medical staff included in the training staff ?
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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Brucifer ain't going to like that
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    2019 Game Day Thread

    The cheatriots can't play endlessly vs AFC East opponents and subpar teams. Second easiest strength of schedule Opponents' combined 2018 record T-27 New England Patriots 120-134-2 .473 32 Washington Redskins 119-135-2 .469
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    Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

    Seeing ghosts ?
  9. NFLPA decries “misinformation” being spread by NFL Network on Trent Williams
  10. “It’s a culmination of things,” Williams said when asked why he held out. “What I went through health-wise, it took me away from the game for a minute, anyway. That and the contract status was a thing as well. Obviously, playing with no guaranteed money, I don’t think any premier player would want to do that, especially not in the game that we play today.” Williams said he will need to get routine checkups every six months to ensure that the cancer does not return. Link He wants out, just let him, shake hands, wish good luck and move on. We could have traded him to the Texans or Browns for at least a 1st and maybe more, but we've got a stubborn incompetent arrogant clown at the helm.
  11. Redskins Isolation Crew Expendable
  12. NFL: Washington’s Dismal Track Record Treating Injuries is Embarrassing RG3 ?