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  1. Liverpool transfer news and rumours: Reds close in on Barcelona's Martin Montoya
  2. FIFA Adviser Pieth Says E-Mails Part of Election’s Dirty Tricks"Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine on Sunday released e-mails purporting to show that Marco Villiger, FIFA’s legal head, pressured Pieth to remove references to Blatter from a report by his Independent Governance Committee, which was created by FIFA to propose ways to improve the ruling body’s governance." “This institution is rotten to the core,” Pieth said. “It’s not just Blatter alone. Of course Blatter carries a large part of the responsibility but it’s a much bigger problem.”
  3. I knew it, I was just wondering how long would it take you to post it. Elessar78 why don't you take him with you at BigSoccer please ? You left me no choice my friend : Breaking News: LFC inquiring about Lucas Digne ! (Roma's offer, 1 year loan + €11 millions buyout clause as been rejected by the evil empire)
  4. Ezequiel Lavezzi, Yohan Cabaye, Lucas Digne et Gregory van Der Wiel are officially free to go. First batch of Euro2016 tickets will be on sale today at noon.
  5. The Martian will be out on Dec. 25th 2015. Paradise aka Prometheus 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4th 2016.
  6. You know why he is opposed to instant replay Oh wait, I can see your connection with the Scouser to ruin my day bringing back sad memories (2006)! Update: Khedira to la Juve
  7. You don't miss a chanc to make me remember this sad night of 1977 at Anfield. Please tell me what have I done to you to deserve this ?
  8. Diego Maradona Claims Michel Platini Confessed to Fixing 167 Matches in Anti-FIFA Tirade Some people who witnessed the interview said it was quite confusing, he seemed not to be entirely in control of his allegations. At best, he was tired ...
  9. To be precise he said he wants to play CL with Lyon (because of the new stadium). PSG would be a bad choice IMO, with Cavani and Ibra and god knows who else the evil empire will bring in, it's going to hurt his stock for Euro 2016 (see Digne, Cabaye, Gameiro, Menez). If I would be him I would choose a team where I have the best chances to be a starter and to shine, make a deep run in Europa league than an early exit in CL. Thanks for the input on the south american big guys failures in PL.
  10. Lacazette + Higuain Lacazette to PSG: The agent of the French international David Venditelli, brought a denial: "I will not spend my time commenting false information published by the wrong people. "
  11. On the bench. Deschamps and le Graet shall resign. Most of the players showed no will , no heart, their only concern: just 2 more games before vaccations. You see all the international tennis players in Roland-Garros, they speak a much better French than most of les Bleus, pathetic !.
  12. We lost to Belgium 3-4, rarely see such a putrid defense. Koscielny, Cabaye, Sagna. Deschamps keeps on protecting this lousy quartet (with Evra). Varane is on the bench at Real, Sakho is nowhere near what he used to be, we're deep into it. Under 20 world champions Zouma and Umtiti are our only hopes to fix this D. Deschamps is stupid I would have played them tonite. Giroud cares more about his hair than his performance. The only guys who seemed to care and played well are Ntep and Fekir. Nainggolan and Denayer were the best players for Belgium. Edit: We won U21 Toulon tournament beating
  13. Anthony Martial (19) to the Spurs for €25 millions. He played 35 games with 9 goals for €60 000/month, they couldn't reach an agreement with him, WTH ?!!! Nevertheless they are paying Traoré 3 times more money for 6 games and 1 goal ! FIFAGate update: "Domenico Scala, who is the independent chairman of FIFA's audit and compliance committee, told Swiss newspaper Sonntagszeitung if anything untoward was uncovered, there could be the most serious of repercussions. "Should there be evidence that the awards to Qatar and Russia came only because of bought votes, then the awards could be cance
  14. They keep on coming...... FIFA scandal: Ismail Bhamjee tells Sunday Times Morocco beat South Africa in World Cup vote Question so far: which country got it fair and square ?
  15. The Brazil team would be made ​​up by the sponsors of the Federation O material jornalístico produzido pelo Estadão é protegido por lei. Para compartilhar este conteúdo, utilize o link:http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=fr&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://esportes.estadao.com.br/noticias/futebol,documentos-mostram-como-a-cbf-vendeu-a-selecao-brasileira,1688813&usg=ALkJrhiB6GQDXu-8_FwLVOptpTvPr7YaBw O material jornalístico produzido pelo Estadão é protegido por lei. Para compartilhar este conteúdo, utilize o link:http://transl
  16. I know you just can't get enough of him my friend (same thing for me )
  17. I agree their D is average and Piqué is a big joke. I think nowadays the key is to manage the season the best way, start slow and finish strong. Last Sept. Paris beat Barça 3-2, 6 months later the evil empire got his ass kicked 1-3 in Paris. I wouldn't guarantee anything right now, anything can happen, but the fact is that Barça never won 2 in a row. Breaking news: Buffon is back for another season. Evra became the first player to lose 3 finals (5 total) with 3 different clubs !
  18. We had a one day break from the FIFA turmoils, but as soon as the CL final game was over news kept on coming out. Now, it's the germans who are charged with getting WC2006 for weapons. According to Die Zeit, Gerhard Schröder's government in 2000 convinced Saudi Arabia to vote for them in exchange for a supply of weapons, in this case grenade launchers. The German newspaper is claiming that the country rally was so big would for the World Cup, that major companies like Volkswagen and Bayer had committed to invest in Thailand and South Korea to persuade these two countries to vote for German
  19. "The Champions League final is the main reason Juventus recruited me. Every time I play in this competition, I was going to play in the final. I will try to show the best performance in the final later, "said Evra as quoting Sky Sport Italia, Thursday (05/14/2015). Now you're 0-5 moron !
  20. "Evra is the only left CB in the world to be caught offside sometimes" Roland Courbis "The day Evra will answer an interview without mangling the French language, I will stop my career." Pierre Menes "Making a career playing defense with such a few qualities, headless game, without speed, without marking, I salute such a performance" Pierre Menes ""The problem is that the traitor is among us. This traitor must be eliminated from the group. " Domenech, Knysna South Africa.
  21. Screenplay suggetions: 1)The Sulaco is wandering in space for twenty years. The alarme went off, there is a fire, the flames are surrounding the hyper-sleep capsules of Ripley, Bishop, Hicks and Newt. A rescue ship from Weyland recovers them. Newt has become a woman, Bishop is down, Hicks is disfigured because of lack of care from his burns. Ripley is now 67. When they awoke, Ripley tells them his permanent and terrible nightmares, plain, which happened in Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection. The Company torture the trio, asking only one thing: LV-426 coordinates. They escape, but they are n
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