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  1. catmandu

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Thanks for that, been a hell of a personal schedule this preseason, needed my 'Skins fix.
  2. A local reporter (Mark Maske) gave the 'Skins an A-freakin'-minus for draft performance! When's the last time THAT happened?
  3. All right, who the HELL is running the draft war room this year, and why has no major media outlet reported on him or her when they were hired?
  4. Never too early to PAY four quarterbacks in one year.
  5. JuJu's petals, JuJu's petals! Okay, maybe a stretch, but hey, it's Christmas!
  6. Tress effing Way will guide us to the playoffs.
  7. catmandu

    Tracking Ticket Prices 2018 Season

    Can anyone compare the online instant mobile delivery prices to parking lot hard ticket prices?
  8. I like this little bit of observation a fellow at a major magazine had about our Two Six, who got no love from any other team: I am a fan, and I am excited. Eff the haters! (Ooops, sorry, I guess that's a negative exclamation?)
  9. catmandu

    Season Ticket Renewals

    1080p projector is easy to move. DIY reflective paint. Instant 120+" screen. Seatgeek 4 hours prior to kickoff on less than desirable games to scratch that itch. Just sayin' . . .
  10. Decided to be an educated person and read the Oneida Indian Nation Wiki, along with a couple supporting articles. The OIN is a multi-million dollar corporation. The Oneida tribe seems to have been inactive for hundreds of years, until there was money in it (IMHO). There is some debate in the tribe itself as to whether the leader and CEO of OIN is even a certifiable member of the Oneida tribe. Kind of takes away from the purity of his pursuit against the team name. Makes it seem more political to me. Love my Redskins, always will.
  11. catmandu

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I did not reply to the premium ticket solicitation ($120 club seat contract ended three years ago). I did not reply to the "Good news, your seats are available!" letter my wife got (upper level seats we gave up two years ago were in her name). I did not reply to the Soccer Mom acquaintance that offered up her two lower level seats for the season at cost (since Johnny will be playing lots of travel team soccer this year). I did install an 120" HD projector home theater in the basement, for right around $2k. I may buy an orange pass and tailgate one of the lesser games this year, just for old time's sake. If I do, I will wear my knock-off Riggo throwback jersey, because it never goes out of style.