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  1. 18 hours ago, twa said:


    You would need to define both better....the devil is in details.


    are bullet proof backpacks body armor?


    What do you consider a assault rifle?

    Stop it!

    Just ****ing stop it.

    Go back a few pages and read exactly what I wrote on that exact subject.

    You are a ****ing troll, and a bot, but you aren't stupid.

    And I swear don't you respond to this in your now tiresome trope.

    13 hours ago, visionary said:


    She is EXACTLY right...this is why ANY discussion on gun violence that doesn't address handguns is not a serious discussion.

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  2. 4 hours ago, mcsluggo said:



    ahhh.... back to school.  When the minds of our youth return to the serious pursuit of academic excellence. 



    That first school assembly, filled with bright eyes and minds eager to learn.......


    Students Chanting: "Whack it off!! Whack it off!! Whack it off!! Whack it off!!"

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  3. 2 hours ago, Rdskns2000 said:

    Let the GOP die it's natural death.

    10 years from now, the GOP will barely be in power.  There actions pretty much since 2009 have sealed their fate.   Millennials and GenZers will be mostly in control 10 years from now and they won't be Republican for the most part. 


    Here's the worst part about all of this.

    Had the GOP not gone full send to the shallow end the gene pool they could have stayed in the game and been a true and necessary conservative voice as we move forward, but now they've all but guaranteed that we will take a hard shift to the Left and all of its warts.

    1 hour ago, Sacks 'n' Stuff said:

    Yeah, well that‘s when they stop shooting their own and start shooting everyone else (more so than they are already). Dramatic rise in mass shootings from right wing radicals IS going to happen. Unavoidable at this point.

    They probably just need to remember that some of us have the same toys they do. 

    See they think we're all snowflakes, but some of us can defend our own and are willing to do so.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Busch1724 said:

    The thread of tweets from Senator McCollister was posted earlier. Here's the response from the state's GOP:




    The Nebraska Republican Party on Monday called for GOP state Sen. John McCollister to re-register as a Democrat after he accused the party of enabling white supremacy in the United States. 

    “John McCollister has been telegraphing for years that he has little if nothing in common with the Republican voters in his district by consistently advocating for higher taxes, restrictions on American’s Second Amendment rights, and pro-abortion lobby,” Nebraska Republican Party Executive Director Ryan Hamilton said in a statement. “His latest false statement about Republicans should come as no surprise to anyone who is paying attention, and we’re happy he has finally shed all pretense of being a conservative.”

    Typical "shoot our own" Republican response when a GOPer finally starts to take a stand in the party...shouts of crucify the RINO ring loud! They have no sense of self awareness or corrective. They know they are right because it's what they believe.

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  5. 1 hour ago, twa said:


    they listened to you and now you complain?

    **** that noise! I was never THAT preacher.

    Bonhoeffer called that "cheap grace", and it is the stock and trade of the American Evangelical cult.

    27 minutes ago, Larry said:


    Heck, the Dems can't even pass a constitutional amendment that simply states that the federal government may not discriminate against women.  


    Imagine how ****ed up we are as a nation and society that we can't agree to be held accountable for inequality.


    "Aside from Virginia, 12 other states have not ratified the amendment: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Utah."

    Not a good look for the South, maybe it's just in their DNA to see others as of lesser worth than white men.

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  6. Video games = gun violence memes are now hitting soc media.

    The talking points have been handed out and now the time to watch the spin.

    As predictable as the ****ing sunrise.

    Nothing will change because of this.

    The old farts and gun-cultists have convinced themselves that the reason these things happen is because people don't have Jesus. If they were just raised like they were none of this would happen. 

    Hey grandma, tell me about this news story where the ******* were trying to eat lunch and grandad sicked the dogs on them.

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  7. 1 hour ago, visionary said:



    Aides: "POTUS, if you include immigration into this issue you will only draw attention to the explicit motivations stated by the El Paso shooter, we will gain nothing by injecting it into this news cycle."

    POTUS: "Ok, that makes sense....."

    .....a few minutes later

    POTUS: "Leeeeeeerooooooooyyyyyyyy Jeeeennkiiiiiiiiinnnnnssssss!!!! Full send ****es!!!"

    1 minute ago, RonArtest15 said:


    His eyesight is failing, guarantee he read that as "Toledo Ohio" and not "Texas and Ohio". And look how big that sucker is! 

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  8. 28 minutes ago, justice98 said:


    Well, "mental illness" and "insane" arent synonymous either.


    I don't think anybody's saying you arent responsible after you commit a heinous crime because you're mentally ill.  


    Using the mental illness argument is supposed to be about prevention, not absolving people after the fact.

    Yet, by your thinking any one could be said to have a mental illness for committing just about any premeditated violent crime. I am not willing to change our justice system to allow for that. El Paso put on hearing protection, he's NOT mentally ill, unless being a MAGAt is a mental illness.

  9. 1 minute ago, No Excuses said:

    By labeling this as mental illness, it downplays the role propaganda and hate have in driving common people into believing that their acts of violence are justified and rational. 

    Exactly, it's WAY too easy to selectively claim mental illness for "lone wolf crazy" when it's a white guy, and to scream terrorism when the person is brown with a funny sounding name. It's this racial bias that has allowed so much of this to rise on the Right.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, JSSkinz said:



    Every shooting is its own entity so I don't disagree with either of you but when I see young men in their teens to early 20's gunning down droves of people I have to believe they have serious issues.  Having the ability to point a gun at another human being and shooting them it is not normal, IMO.

    Sure it is, the military literally does this all the time. They take concepts like patriotism, honor, and duty to help their 18-20 year old soldiers to override their human nature to point a gun at another human being and shoot them.

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  11. 9 minutes ago, JSSkinz said:

    Does this mean they had no previously diagnosed mental illness?  If so that doesn't mean ****, these shooters of late are young and being overlooked.  If people can't see the correlation between mental illness and these shootings then you need to wake up.


    The Ohio shooter killed his own sister, does that sound like someone who is mentally stable?

    Using that logic then EVERY murder could be dismissed as mental illness. "The ______ shooter killed his own wife, does that sound like someone who is mentally stable?"

    Hitler would no longer be responsible, by reason of insanity. Not every murderer is insane. Was Al Qaeda insane on 9/11? 

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  12. 1 hour ago, DCSaints_fan said:

    Magazine capacity would be something to be looked at.   However it takes all of 2-3 seconds for an experienced shooter to eject and slap in a new mag so its not much of a barrier.  For a revolver using a speed loader, its a little more like 4-5. 


    Also, its not  hard to homebrew high capacity magazines.  Granted they are somewhat crude and unreliable.  But for someone going on a killing spree, they only need to work once.

    In experienced hands, yes reloading speed can be cut down. However, most of these guys aren't experienced. The El Paso shooter had what looks like a 30+ round magazine. That's 10 reloads with reduced cap mags. The Dayton shooter was active for less than a minute and if he was forced to reload that casualty rate would have been dramatically cut. In Kentucky every hunter knows that your gun better be loaded with only three rounds, why? Because fish & game don't like the idea of rampaging hunters throwing 30 rounds down range. But, people hunting? The more lead the more fun.


    Thank god the NRA worked tirelessly for our right to cut down as many people as possible in the shortest time possible.

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  13. 3 hours ago, Destino said:

    Have we discussed the Dayton Ohio shooters politics yet?  




    His sister and her boyfriend were killed in the attack, I was guessing this was relationally motivated. With the rightful attention the White Nationalists are getting it's wrong to assume that mass shootings are perpetrated only by the Right. Yes they are like 80% of them but 20% have other motivations.

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