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  1. No no, "it's too soon to talk about the politics of this tragedy. Shame on you for seeking to leverage this totally predictable and tacitly accepted event to advance your agenda." That's the new "thoughts & prayers". It's like, dude were in a ****ing war and whenever someone asks how do we stop the war they get outraged saying, "How dare you?! Someone just died! Have you no shame?!" Dude it's a ****ing war, it's time to see the forest for the trees!
  2. NSFW LANGUAGE: NSFW Language, Not connected to either shooting: Here's a nice young man from a good Catholic School.
  3. Most figure they will die, he was obviously not planning on dying. Police should have disappointed him.
  4. No, because then we have to question who vetted this idiot anyways, and if they vetted him then who was the incompetent who decided that this guy's resume was fine. And if they didn't vet him then..... Sorry, but no, the only reason his nomination isn't moving forward is because the media and the opposition party did their jobs.
  5. I'll take it, this guy was a ****ing fraud and galactically unprepared for the job. Yes, I know that basically describes Trump but at least with prepared people surrounding an idiot some of the idiocy can be contained. This guy would have been a crusty cum sock for Trump.
  6. Sadly, this is how I feel too. He hasn't recanted has he? I hadn't heard it if he has.
  7. Well, isn't that a nice way to attack an opponent you're afraid of? Feeding if not generating a rumor that she isn't really a Democrat and thus can't be trusted.
  8. Ok ya'll. Just because every once and awhile I feel the need to re-evaluate things and how I see soccer. It's been over two years now since Trinidad & Tobago. IMO, Taylor Twellman's rant needs to be revisited on occasion. So, please watch both of these videos...and then answer the questions...... QUESTIONS: 1) Was Taylor right then? 2) Is he still right today? 3) have we made ANY of the changes needed to elevate US men's soccer? Finally, 4) If no, then do you think those changes are coming?
  9. I always like it when he's in the area, I find out pretty quickly who to unfollow, unfriend, and block. Three levels of dealing with morans.
  10. Police: Man charged with assault after punching anti-Trump protester outside US Bank Arena Video in link https://www.wcpo.com/news/crime/man-charged-with-assault-after-punching-anti-trump-protester-outside-us-bank-arena
  11. You know, if American Christianity was even neutral then the numbers would be even...as it is they are flipped from what we are meant to understand about Xians. What's that say about the religion?
  12. That passage doesn't mean what you want it to mean. You'll lose track trying to count how many passages speak about knowing them by their works, fruit etc. Calling an apple tree an apple tree is not against Christian teaching. So feel free to try and sell that amateur Bible scholar crap somewhere else.
  13. I love when the offenders are the ones telling others not to judge them. Why is it the guilty are always the ones complaining about being condemned?
  14. Where's the Bible verse that says that Children of God would reject the refugee while the sons and daughters of Satan would be the ones to love their neighbors?
  15. Nah, it was directed at the church. Trump is still off limits for him.
  16. Or....oooorr.....or just maybe enact legislation that allows medicare and medicaid to negotiate prices with the pharmaceutical companies! God why is it that we always have to do everything the hard way!?
  17. ok, this is my new SportsCenter right here, Jomboy is awesome. I wish he'd do other sports.
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