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  1. High capacity is another factor. Some shotguns have semi-auto capability, but the law limits them to three shells, two plugged, one chambered. Being able to draw on 30 rounds combined with the semi-auto ability is what transforms a hunting rifle into an assault weapon. That and the ammo, the 5.56 is a HORRIBLE hunting round it hits and directs wildly in the body to create as much damage as possible. A hunting round is designed to penetrate and stay together so you can use the meat. Without a doubt, once you go over three on any of them you're off target. Even in a controlled training
  2. This is one of the coolest things I've read in a long time. Thank you.
  3. The auto setting is for suppressive fire, keeping the enemy's head down while you move. Our mantra was ALWAYS one shot one kill, and our targets were spaced alternating 50 yard to 300 yards. And only one guy out of 60 failed to hit at least half of the pop-up targets. And most of them were ****ing idiots.
  4. ANY semi-auto rifle with capacity for extended mags. And the minute someone posts a hunting rifle alongside an AR that person will out themselves as a fool. The 5.56 round was NOT designed for hunting deer. It was designed for killing humans. And THAT is an undeniable fact.
  5. Are you being serious? Here's what I remind folks, when I was in Basic Training in the Army we literally spent weeks shooting our M16's EVERY DAY. Over 1,000 rounds down range ALL on semi-auto single shot. You know how many times I shot my M16 on full auto? 1.....1 time 30 rounds, at night. So you tell me, how was the Army training ME a soldier to kill human beings with my M16? On full auto spray and pray, or one shot one kill, quick target acquisition semi-auto combat? So if the US Army gave ME that assault rifle (because apparently the full auto capability is what
  6. Without closing private sale loophole none of this means anything. I was at the US-127 Yard Sale yesterday. A 690 mile long yard sale that stretches from Michigan to Alabama. It took me all of 5 minutes to find a guy selling no less than a dozen AR's many with long range glass attached selling for an easy $675 without glass. All without a background check. So lets talk about "red flags" and mental illness, and criminal backgrounds. I'll go buy a dozen tomorrow. Then... Then I'll go online and buy my AR and AK build kits and with a $20 jig on ebay I as an amateur gu
  7. Don't freak out about mass murders because they are incredibly rare. That's his point. Don't get worked up about 40 people being gunned down at random because more than that die of cancer. Funny, where was Neil with his logical perspective when 3000 people died on 9/11
  8. ****ing self fulfilling prophecy! NRA: World is dangerous, we need gunz! MASS SHOOTING People: World is dangerous, we need gunz! Massive unrestricted gun sales MASS SHOOTINGS WITH LEGAL GUNS People: See, told you we needed our gunz.
  9. Like clockwork. They barely wait til the blood clots before they start claiming false flag.
  10. Thank god we have such amazing Presidential leadership in response to this national crisis.
  11. Do you REALLY think that domestic violence cases are going to be used to deny white men gun ownership?
  12. If a Leftist documented his journey from buying an AR from a yard sale, posting his motivations about proving how stupid the Right's arguments are about gun control, and gun laws, and mental illness then went and shot up a white Evangelical church in Indiana THEN it would be about the Left.
  13. This is why background checks is a bull**** half assed effort that will solve NOTHING.
  14. Holy ****, I don't even know how many people would need to die daily by assault weapons before they'd consider a ban. Hell, people die EVERY FREAKING DAY. In 2017 13,000 were shot and killed, this does NOT count suicides. Most of these are by handguns, so 35 people per day wasn't enough to start talking about handguns.
  15. **** YOU if you don't accept that semi-auto long rifles are the problem! 60 seconds after he opened fire he was shot and killed by police....60 SECONDS! 9 dead 26 wounded https://www.wlwt.com/article/literally-saved-hundreds-of-lives-police-fired-on-dayton-gunman-in-less-than-60-seconds/28599904
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