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  1. So @twa other than just parroting out 2nd Amendment as if it's some sort of trump card over all reason and rational thinking. Why should cars be MORE regulated than gun?
  2. Harry Kane gets a brace to finish off Aston Villa! Tottenham 3-1 AVFC The Etihad has been christened properly. Bad news for Liverpool with Alisson Becker reportedly out for several weeks. Happy for Sheffield getting their first EPL point.
  3. The only reason one is a Constitutional Right and the other isn't is that one didn't exist when the Constitution was written.
  4. Sheffield United apparently came out "playing with their tails up." What the heck does that even mean?!
  5. Sheffield United playing now. My son's club coach played for them back in 1973-76. Nice to see them in the Prim. I'm sure they'll be scavenged by the top clubs and relegated soon enough, but it'll be fun to watch.
  6. Well obviously he's a mentally deranged lone wolf...I mean it's not like he participated in multiple white supremacist groups that discussed targets, means, and training....what's that? Oh he did.... Seriously, what is the difference between this sort of radicalization and what ISIS does in radicalizing Muslim youth? Can anyone answer that? And don't just reply with none because we want that to be the answer, I'm serious, is there ANY substantive difference that I'm missing between this white supremacist violent radicalization and what we see from groups like ISIS and A
  7. See Pumpkin, there's a difference between what you said and what I said, mine was establishing a hypothetical while your's was establishing something unfounded as a reason or rationale.
  8. See, par for the course with you and the rest of the ilk on the Right. You lob out a "reason" as if you have substance backing up the claim when in reality it's nothing more than another bull**** ploy to muddy the waters. These open carry nutbags are the epitome of white privilege. Put a black guy in his place and if he makes it out alive it would be a ****ing miracle that might convince me of divine intervention!
  9. Dunno, how many? You should do the homework on that and report back to the class.
  10. Nearly every mass shooting would have still occurred with you in charge.
  11. This is why we are where we are. The sheer number of these mass murderers were never convicted felons. Our legal mindset when it cones to the 2nd Amd should be reversed. The 2nd Amd is tied directly to national defense militias which are obsolete. The idea you need an AR to defend your home against intruders or government is trash. We literally do not even have the right to drive a car, something that in most of this country is a necessity, because we understand the dangers and liability involved in the act. And yet gun ownership is wide open. It's time to flip the script,
  12. A child orphaned because the shooter was inspired and motivated by Trump's hate filled racist rhetoric and now you heap on the insult by using it as a prop in a ****ing photo op. Jesus Christ the tone deafness with these trolls is off the damned charts. Remember when we were concerned about Presidential "optics"?! HA! What a ****ing laugh!
  13. Like he talked with coal miners with black lung...2 minute conversation then out the door. To be ignored.
  14. So the question is, how much time passed from the time she called an when he shot up Walmart?
  15. See the post directly below yours. These processes are convoluted and in favor of burden of proof. Mom calling because she didn't like the gun isn't enough under any burden of proof where the 2nd Amd is concerned.
  16. You will NEVER pass a red flag law that is so sensitive as to remove a gun because someone doesn't like it.
  17. Isn't it interesting that neither Dayton nor El Paso would have been stopped by ANY of the proposed regulations, red flag or otherwise. Until they killed and shot dozens of people they were law abiding citizens.
  18. Want to see the difference in a gun and a knife...this one is for the morons because I guarantee they are already sharing this as a false equivalency. So let's keep score Dayton Ohio: 35 people in 30 seconds...9 dead El Paso: 46 people 22 dead. This guy: 4 dead in TWO HOURS
  19. 2018 article, but interesting none the less. Will we care? No, this was last year and apparently we didn't care. 14,000 per year die from gun violence in this country EXCLUDING suicides, if we lost that many in a warzone generals would be fired. But since it's random children and strangers their blood is allowed to silently trickle down to water the tree of liberty. It's not that the Right supports the 2nd Amendment, they just don't ****ing care about who dies as a result.
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