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  1. More drunk Britney pics, wow when is this chick gonna learn?
  2. She probably saw herself in a mirror and threw up. From the looks of it she's a sloppy drunk.:doh:
  3. Hell, hath no furry... Although me thinks its going to be easy to figure out who did it.
  4. Question: Why'd she bother with the "dress"? I think she ordered this from ick!
  5. I question the authenticity of this photo.
  6. Now what would make someone think of grabbing a camera and taking a picture of those three cats. I'm thinking a pellet gun might have been more in order there. dems jus jokes.
  7. Yeah, the translation is: "Doritos so good it feels like you got kicked in the nads." Obviously something gets lost in the translation.
  8. BTW, I want to know the story behind this pic.
  9. Ok, I don't even know what I just watched right now.......
  10. I LOL'd!!!!! Scariest part is that "she" has almost as much facial hair as Unsonny!
  11. Ok, you could almost sell me on the wings, maybe its halloween or he's into medieval role playing (i.e. dragon or something) but after looking at this pic one question comes to mind.......... WHERE ARE HIS PANTS?????!!!!!!!
  12. You have to remember that back then looking happy was uncool, and no one ever smiled for a cheesy picture. I'm surprised not one of them is giving the horns salute.
  13. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! FLASHBACK!!!!!!!!!!
  14. When I'm scared I call God by his first name! LOL
  15. Ok, yep his mother is sadistic, he's screaming and about to slide out of his harness and she's cackling away, my guess is that she gets a big fat turd for mother's day.