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  1. Fake News. Trump said no collusion, why don't you just respect the fact that he won, and appreciate all he's done. SEIG....
  2. Clinton obstructed justice by lying. And Trump did more than ask people to break the law, he fired the head of the FBI because he refused to drop a criminal investigation into his National Security Advisor, an investigation that culminated in a guilty plea from the defendant. McConnell, gambled rightly, that Trump was the useful idiot he needed to push his corporatist ideology upon us all, and now the Religious Right is using the useful idiot to force their religion into our laws. This is the price we pay for having an articulate, intelligent, black man with a stable f
  3. Bill Kristol is a RINO. Just another DC Democrat in Republican clothing. He's a sell out to the party and to God's Anointed One. May God continue to shower our Fuhrer with golden blessings and may Trump be the eternal leader we've prayed for to lead us from the depravity of those baby killing butt bandits.
  4. You clearly have your head shoved up ***** ********* ***. *edit* Wow, that's strange, never saw the forum censor do that before.
  5. Here's a perfect example of a life of faith. It begins with a conclusion, everything else is a justification of proof of evil. BTW, for those actually paying attention, this is FAR from a hypothesis because in science a hypothesis is allowed to be wrong. A life of faith either 1) moves the goalposts, 2) condemns the process. Meanwhile Beth's attitude has been the cause of much pain in the world with religion condemning science causing many diseases to flourish because theology was more important than biology.
  6. Interesting, if only Boring had done the right thing and fixed their product BEFORE several hundred people died, and if only they didn't try and pass it off a pilot error knowing full well they had problems all while minimizing the risk.
  7. Wait, have we reached the strange moment when a tweet from a President violates the profanity filter? I'm so proud. POTUS can say bull**** but mine gets censored. I hate this ****, and I hope he chokes on a ****ing McDonald's cheeseburger.
  8. So Assange the self anointed prophet of truth was himself knowingly lying and spreading a false conspiracy theory? If that's your hero then I suspect you were deprived of oxygen as a child.
  9. Bernie better not be the nominee. The last thing we need is a fringe candidate with an out of touch base.
  10. Like what would it be for GOPers? I mean he could skull **** the corpse of Barbara Bush on live tv and it wouldn't move the needle.
  11. I would write my thoughts, but I'd get a ban. Instead I'll just toss your posts over with all the other MAGA trash that shows up and blows out as soon as you realize that Faux News has not prepared you to deal with the facts.
  12. Ok, see this is the type of stuff I'm talking about. The cross is still on the altar, never mind that the church just burned and will cost massive amounts of money and decades to restore, but yeah a rock didn't land there, so that's proof of god. Where was god when the fire started?
  13. I've had all of it, formative and engaging general revelation as well as intense and transformational moments of special revelation. I can tell you from own experience that there was no "crisis of faith", my process was more like healing after an injury, one day you didn't need the sling another you stopped taking pain meds. You can't remember exactly when you stopped but looking back...
  14. I wrestled with it for the last five years or so, at first I wanted to hang on, but then as I stopped the reinforcing efforts I noticed some things more clearly in my mind. I like the idea of god but I'm pretty sure I'd be classified as an atheist at this point. I wanted to be an agnostic but when the idea of the Judeo-Christian god fell away, anything else just felt false too. I don't know for how long it's been since I haven't truly believed, and I can't honestly point to one thing even now. It's really been a process where I discovered just how much I was reinforcing the idea of god on my m
  15. I think that is a fair assumption to make about my concern. My process is my own, and I'm just recently at the point where I am sharing in places like this, I don't know that I'll ever come out of the closet in my public life. But at the same time I don't want to break someone else who is just wanting some dialogue. Other guys on here I know through experience and feel comfortable with some full contact engagement on this front. I seriously doubt any of the challenges I bring on this issue will strengthen your beliefs. You focus on your kids, they are far more important
  16. Some process we don't understand or a divine being. Simpler is the process we don't understand.
  17. Fine where is your data for your peer review. This way we can analyze your results and see if they can be repeated. Oh, I know you used the word experiment loosely because you're trying to win an argument and decided to be cute. That stuff works in Sunday School and from the pulpit, ask me how I know, but it doesn't work in the real world.
  18. If your experiement is running every single day then by scientific method you can draw NO conclusions until it is over and you can analyze the test results. You sir are cheating. Before we go farther, just know that I'm not going to quit with this, and that will include deconstructing something you trust in. If you are up for that then ok, but if not, then best just cut it off here.
  19. No no, it's Thanos. It's as plausible as anything they've brought forward. That's the point, it's the whole weakness to the theological argument is that at the end of the day you have to take it on faith and nothing else. They'd like you to believe otherwise, but it's not true, their own book even says as much even though they've spent a lot of ink trying to do otherwise. It's the ultimate cheat, anything can't be explained...God. Anything seems to contradict that...mystery. It's a self licking Popsicle.
  20. @PeterMPobjects in motion tend to stay in motion until acted upon by another force. So you want to know why? and my guess is that your reason is god said so. Yeah, see that's not nearly as convincing as you want it to be. Not to mention that all this does is get us to First Mover, and that's a LOOOOOOOOOONGGG way from Jesus as my personal lord and savior. Go for it Run your science experiment to prove your hypothesis. We'll wait Fine here's my explanation, it isn't the Judeo Christian god, it's instead aliens from a parallel space-time continuum that ha
  21. Here's my biggest problem with the "God wants us to take him on faith not proof" argument, why? The answer is typically "obedience", but that doesn't make sense either. If there is a god and that god is the Judeo Christian god then he created us with smart minds that seek evidence and proof, scientific minds. But he hid himself and chose only to whisper to a few people and has all but stopped since. So what's the purpose of just faith without seeing? Why the game? If god's purpose is to save the world then do it, he's changed the rules before why not do it again. I know the answer, i
  22. Well we are certainly beyond arguing for the Judeo-Christian god. At the very best what you're after is a primary mover god, one who sets things in motion and then hides himself from perception. Sooner or later we stop talking about a god and start describing an external force. And we can work with this through Occam's Razor, all things being equal the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one. So which is more likely 1) an all powerful god and conscious god created everything, set it all in motion and then hid himself through purposeful blinding of intelligent minds and is now off some
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