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  1. OJ on twitter has to be one of the creepiest things ever. I mean what do you think when you get the notification that says "OJ Simpson is now following you."
  2. The answer is exactly what I wrote in my post above yours. Keepers are asked to do more now with the back line defensively and playing up out of the box is normal. Heck, Univ. Of West Virginia's keeper plays IN his back line until they move to midfield. Craziest business I've ever seen, but he's literally part of the back line and has the foot skills to play there. It's pretty impressive.
  3. Sounds like a solid plan @sportjunkie07, let's switch off national currencies to crypto which rise and fall like a frat boi's johnson, that have zero basis in "value" other than perception. Imagine running a company using a crypto-currency, one day you're expanding your infrastructure and moving into new markets then next you're filing for bankruptcy all because some "influencer" tweeted that they thought your currency was old news. Sounds like a brilliant future.
  4. Coach: Hey Keeper, play up more, be more attached to your back line..... Keeper: Aight.... Wayne Rooney:........
  5. Oh yes, here he comes, after months of bad news about Boeing's abject failure and responsibility in killing hundreds of innocent people, now he's here to insult pilots. Bravo, sir...you win the Dick of the Day Award! You beat out some pretty stiff competition but this unsolicited insult thrust you to the top of the list. Because you insist on clinging to ideas that only only dumbasses haven't let go of. Hey, TWA said they need to pull up, or was it point the nose down, or maybe they should only let Americans fly it. 12 hours later......
  6. Nice.... Just checked bitcoin value, nothing like that warm comfy feeling of losing $3000 over night. But that's probably why our Bitcoin prophet has been so quiet today.
  7. Every one who hits a jackpot in Vegas prances around acting like it was a genius move rather than fools folly that paid in spite of every rule of investing. Bitcoin isn't investing it's gambling.
  8. Just because it's been awhile since I've said it publicly.... **** Trump
  9. I still can't figure out why he's so excited about bitcoin now, it's "valued" at $12,000 which is still $8000 shy of its peak just before it crashed $3500 after shedding $15,000 worth of its "value". The ONLY people who invest in something that has recently shown the distinct ability to destroy 2/3rds of its supposed value based on nothing more than the opinion of its investors are morons. Oh, there will be some traders who jump in and capitalize off the morons but it's still nothing more than tulips.
  10. Bitcoin faux-value falls for years @volsmet disappears like Gollum in his cave...a few opportunists buy into bitcoin raising the unsubstantiated value which attracts other thereby raising its "value". Next step people figure out that it's tulips all over again as they sell theirs to someone else before they get burned and Gollum returns to his cave. Meanwhile I've still got my badass rifle.
  11. inflatable sheep.........................from the sex shop.................
  12. What?!?! Say it ain't so. It's almost like we said from day 1, but SOME just wanted to blame everyone else.
  13. Some willingly submit Guarantee you it doesn't cost him a single base voter, however if it's as it has been reported then it costs him dearly with financiers and investors which will have long term consequences. My guess is that there is illegal activity in there too, most likely with Russia and the mob.
  14. Gatdammit where are all of our Constitutional Republikanz?!?! Every single one of you need to ****ing hide in shame. All your screaming about Obama acting like a king, **** all ya'll. You hide in all of your silence hoping to save your ass from the embarrassment that is your's to bear! You literally have a sitting POTUS ordering his officials to defy the Constitutional authority of Congress. And like a sheep you are all silent as you are shorn.
  15. That's Trump for ya. He'll lie about anything, and he will absolutely lie in order to make it look like he's not a petty, slimy, dickhead.
  16. That WE claim exists???? Remind me again why rural GOPers prefer the electoral college?
  17. Check out the comments that follow Saint Moore's tweet. Oh and saying that people used their minds to understand the world around them before science was probably supposed to be a shock, but tends to be that those people were often killed by the likes of Beth Moore BECAUSE they made Jesus smaller.
  18. Turn out is 60% And as long as a Wyoming vote counts for 3 people then you're going to continue seeing disaffected voters, oh and gerrymandering.
  19. The worst part about this that these people vote and the liberals don't. And they vote...every time.
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