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  1. Rand Paul translation: "That black **** ought to take a seat and be thankful for all that we've given her." That ain't no ****ing dog whistle, here's a white man telling a black immigrant woman to sit down, shut up, and be grateful for all that the whites have given to her.
  2. Classical Christian Theology: Prior to sin (man's participation in evil) there was no death. As part of the punishment for that sin god allowed humanity to be affected by death (NOT just the processes of sickness and age, but the reality of death). Death entered into the world through one man and death was over come by one man. The promises throughout the entire NT are not a happy existence AFTER we die but a resurrection and defeat of death. That's simply what the text says. Augustine in his dualistic theology abandons resurrection, and embraces Heaven as the reward, thus death is a
  3. So Jesus telling you that death is the wage you receive from sin you read that then to mean death is neutral. Even though according to the authors death was only known to humanity because of sin. All that to you makes death a neutral event? Lemmie tell ya, that's HIGHLY counter intuitive. 2. It's fine, you're both wrong. 3. So the actual authors didn't know what they were talking about? It couldn't possibly be that you feel this way because it's you who misunderstands them? Nah, after 4,000 years you finally got it worked out.
  4. Except the whole New Testament part about the wages of sin and all. And Augustine was wrong, he wasn't in keeping with what the Bible actually teaches in this regard, nor was he in line with anything that would resemble a Hebraic understanding of post death because Augustine either ignores or outright redefines the meaning of resurrection. Just sayin'
  5. Oh so now I'm Ted Bundy. Gotcha. Why not engage your brain and ask a question before posting some bull**** strawman next time? Some who aren't failing in their basic logic centers would recognize that there is a difference in seeing death as neutral and seeing people as valueless objects as a sociopath, but I'm sure you just need your coffee before you can fully engage....(your past posting history notwithstanding). And landing on the moon wasn't a miracle it was an act of science and engineering. The fact that you don't know how to do it does not make it a miracle. I bet my wife's
  6. A Christian theist should, it is after all the consequence of sin and wholly preventable according to the faith. As I sit here now post-faith I don't place an emotional value on death any more than I do a stop sign. It's a thing nothing more. It is scripture in the Bible that considers death bad or a consequence of evil. That you suggest theists don't view death as bad seems to suggest that you've accepted the punishment as normal. It also suggests that you're more Augustinian/Dante version of the afterlife where death is a neutral gateway to the reward/punishment. Which I would ar
  7. I had a good weekend on my 23rd Anniversary weekend in Louisville with my wife. Obviously some drinks were more refined than others.
  8. That dip**** and his inept administration doesn't reflect on me in the slightest. And if THIS is the deciding moment for someone's opinion on the Trump Administration then their dumbasses who simply haven't been paying attention.
  9. Awwww, it's soooo kewt watching @twa ****ing about being less coal dependent and knowing that the "Great State of Texas" is going renewable. LOL It's like San Francisco invaded and he's being held hostage.
  10. That is freaking hilarious, and just shows the level of ineptitude of this administration. They don't even control their own images when they appear at events, leaving themselves open to error and malice.
  11. Interesting article. https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2019/07/22/is-congress-rigged-in-favour-of-the-rich?al_applink_data={"target_url"%3A"https%3A\%2F\%2Fecon.st\%2F32LrBKZ"%2C"extras"%3A{"fb_app_id"%3A193926687345108}%2C"referer_app_link"%3A{"url"%3A"fb%3A\%2F\%2F\%2F%3Fapp_id%3D193926687345108"%2C"app_name"%3A"Facebook"}}
  12. Hey Siri, look up "Presidential Harassment" in the US Federal Law..... "Ok, Here's what I found under "Presidential Harassment" in the US Federal Law...."One orange fat **** who can dish it out but can't take it." Listen up Cheeto, when you make EVERYONE a target, then you lose the right to complain when they turn their focus on you. Get ****ed asshole.
  13. The Block or Charge meme on Twitter is hilarious.... but this one...OMG...and the comments.....
  14. I watched those clips and it simply amazes me that a President of the United States would say such things openly, and more so to an audience that is made of of teenagers. It's like Hitler hyping up his Nazi Youth. The lies and the vileness that flows out of his mouth with such ease, and no where in that crowd does anyone say, "Wait, this isn't who we are." Nope, instead, it's "President for life". This garbage has been festering in our nation for a long time, and Trump is the putrid puss filled boil that needs to be lanced.
  15. Every day it's a new **** show. Meanwhile, we're all chasing down his lies and obstructions and he's off destroying another government agency. Trump commits enough grievances in one week that would have sunk any other Presidency, but because he has McConnell and a GOP Senate he gets to do exactly what he wants because he owns the guard dog. He's the worst of everything we've imagined about politics and his supporters use that to employ their self justifying false equivalencies. The saddest part is all of those people screaming "Barabbas Barabbas" erm....I mean "Send her back" will be
  16. Hey, where are all of our Conservative Republicans at anyhow? The sickest part of all of this will be the things our neighbors say when Trump's finally gone, "Oh I didn't like him that much anyways, but what could I do?"
  17. Fair point on 2001 Space Odyssey, I disagree that a broken computer suddenly makes it syfy. That said Trekkies who say that SW isn't syfy are just stupid. Star Trek is just Star Wars told by Berkeley professors. There's nothing specifically sciency that differentiates Trek from Wars. Ahhh well that explains it. 1sec.... Here you go...this should help.
  18. I'm not bashful about admitting that. Some stories are told before their time. Have you even been on twitter?
  19. And yet the emoluments case was dismissed. **** all of these ****ers.
  20. 1) we see that in Ep 1-3 the way Obi and Qui gon deal with some crowds of droids. And the Jedi were to serve, using the force on people seems hostile. Now why Darth uses his physical strength to lift the Captain (opening scene) rather than the force I dunno. 2. And yes, I think the biggest problem with using the force in Ep 4-6 was the technology for the story telling, that existed for Ep 1-3 and following but in the 70's and 80's would have looked silly.
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