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  1. Tell me about it. The whole thing doesn't make any sense. They claim they never knew UFC 83 took place until a few days ago. Smaller cage and remove elbows and knees, as well as allowing a fighter to get back to his feet after he gets dropped. Seriously tho, something is going on behind the scenes
  2. Well here are all the GIFs I have been able to find so far. It does seem to go along with what Greg Jackson was saying. I'm pretty sure these 2 above are right after each other, not sure tho.
  3. I'm tire of this BS. He has been tko'ed once in his fighting career. Let it rest please
  4. come on Chach, don't make it seem like I blindly said GSP would win! I gave the pros and cons for each fighter if they were to fight. If it stays on the feet, anderson wins. If it goes to the ground, GSP wins. And for the record, Im NOT a fan of fighters moving up. It's normally ego driven. And they normally leave with a bruised ego. But, if it WERE to happen, I'm 50-50 on this fight, it would be the most nervous I have ever been for a GSP fight
  5. I wasn't disagreeing about tourneys. I was disagreeing about fedor v GSP. Thats the one thing I miss the most about pride the Tourneys and GP's were awesome. I would love for the UFC to do it.
  6. I'm the biggest GSP homer there is. But him fighting Fedor wouldn't even be cool. It would be a side show. It's just dumb to even think.
  7. Exactly SU. I agree with all the mentioned above.
  8. No need to put in the "all due respect", I love all my MMA brethren on here. So that goes without saying. You are referring to Travis Lutter, who he finished from his back. Travis Lutter also had Anderson mounted in that fight. When Anderson fought Marquardt, Marquardt was winning until Anderson got back up then finished him with strikes. I'm not taking anything away from Silva. Silva's strength's are MT and striking. If GSP stood with Anderson it would be the dumbest thing imaginable. Remember, GSP has taken down anyone and everyone he has ever fought at will. And again, like I said.
  9. It's not uncommon to have fighters wiped down in between rounds. In fact it happens all the time. I'm gonna wait for more information to surface about this before I get all worked up. As for now I really hope it's not true.
  10. If GSP fought Anderson, his strategy would be exactly like the one against Penn. If GSP gets him down, he wins the fight. Only thing is to get him down he will try and clinch against the cage. You don't want to be clinched with Anderson against the cage.
  11. He also said he fluctuates his weight all the way down to 170 to test his body at different weights. Don't read too much into it.
  12. I am very disappointed to hear this with the vaseline. If true, whoever did it should be severely reprimanded. I don't care who it was. It could be Firaz, Greg, I don't care. I really hope it turns out to not be true. I still think the fight would have gone the exact same way regardless. This is not the first time too. Sherk complained that GSP was greased up after they fought.
  13. I agree with everything Keeastman has said. :applause::applause:
  14. agree 100%. What did you think about the guida diaz fight? I'm upset because Nate was the one who was actually trying to finish the fight. IMO guida didnt do anything the entire fight. Overall the card sucked. What can you do tho, they cant all be great cards. Oh and I see what your saying about UFC 100, if that is there plan.
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