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  1. I love the PAT rule change. It's how the PAT was intended. It shouldn't be an automatic play.
  2. SNF ---> Thursday afternoon turnaround, also a MNF-Saturday 1PM turnaround. So one 3 day turnaround and one 4 day turnaround. Total screwjob.
  3. Just another feather in the cap of "classy" John Mara and the Giants
  4. http://lovelyshirt.com/nationals-redskins I got it in gray instead of black. People may be interested in this one, too: http://lovelyshirt.com/washingtona1 (all 4 DC major teams in the Curly W - although I would have liked to see DC United in there, as well...) I can't vouch for this website. I went ahead and ordered anyway - delivery not expected until late this month.
  5. Posting from my phone, will post or send you the link privately later
  6. A while back on facebook, some company was advertising a black hoodie with the Nats curly W on it, except inside of the W was an inlaid Redskins logo. Anyone know where to find that? My google-fu is letting me down. Edit: Found it, now to see if the site is legit or not...
  7. Wow. How many times did the team play in Baltimore before the Colts left for Indy?
  8. Come on, man. I had a rough night and I hate the ****ing Eagles, man!
  9. I'd be happy with a compromise - stick to this look on the road and keep the gold pants at home. I really really really really wish we'd bring back the spear logo, though. Like, for a run of 3-5 seasons.
  10. Dan SteinbergVerified account‏@dcsportsbog League confirms the Redskins won't wear color rush uniforms this season. Thanksgiving games aren't part of the program in 2016.
  11. According to several reports you know who's injury is worse than initially thought and he will likely miss at least this weekend if not several more games
  12. I wish the defense could come out to this music tomorrow, since they're going with a Wolfpack theme.
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