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  1. Agree with everything in your post. Wanted to point out this part because I read his book last year after reading one of Gibbs books. This was a great read for any football fan and between this book and watching the Cardinals on All or Nothing I was really hoping we would have a shot a grabbing Arians to coach here. Don't get me wrong I'm happy about the Rivera hire, but I have a great respect for Arians after reading that book. Based off his assessment of Leaf pre draft when he was with the Colts I'm not sure Haskins even gets drafted here assuming he had any say in it. Maybe a late round
  2. Like forced to sell or not be allowed around the team? Even if he didnt commit the acts but he was aware of them doesnt that make him guilty in some sense if he didnt fire the party involved? If he knew of the NDA then he knew who committed the act. Even if the woman or women are going away with severance and legally cant say anything, shouldn't he still have fired the guys involved? Especially if there are repeated allegations? Even with one allegations a formal investigation should be launched and if that investigation hinted at guilt, they should have been fired then in my opinion.
  3. Do you think Snyder could be punished because he knew the circumstances surrounding the NDAs and didn't take action to fire those involved at the time?
  4. Exactly. That's why I take whatever they say about their time here with a grain of salt. The Redskins certainly arent perfect but Kyle and his pops werent exactly truthful while they were here. If I were Dan I probably would have forced their hand to get a QB too after they were touting John Beck as a possible starter.
  5. I tend to agree with you on that one. His agent is basically saying Trent isnt worth a 2nd rd pick. If we are to believe the team is asking for that and other teams are saying that's "outrageous". I definitely think hes going to the media to get this in the spotlight with the hope all the hype will force the Redskins hand and they'll just be done with it. He probably wants released so he can pick his spot even if it's for less money rather than have the team pick what's best for them. For all we know there have been 2nd rd offers and Trent and his agent refuse to negotiate cus he doesnt wa
  6. If I remember correctly, Kyle mentioned when he was in Houston they scouted Beck and thought he was one of the better QBs in that draft class. Lots of smoke being blown that offseason.
  7. Yes..thank you. That's exactly what I was trying to get at.
  8. Not saying he wasn't successful or isnt. I'm saying people on here are acting like he was great as a Redskins OC. When he was here I dont think that was the case because a lot of people were wanting him gone. Maybe I read into his press conference but it just felt like he was acting as though we made a great mistake by letting him go. Maybe we did, but when he was here there weren't many calling for him to be our head coach in 2014.
  9. That's kind of what I remembered. I also remember him trying to sell all of us on John Beck at QB and how Kyle was a big fan of his. He complained about his time here and its understandable with him and his father being fired. I just look at it like there was a lot of blame to go around and it was certainly shared. I dont think Roy Helu was a Snyder or Allen draft pick and I'm not defending either of them(snyderallen) but the Shanahans were not the second coming when they were here and they most certainly were part of the issue. Now he has success somewhere else and he acts like he did suc
  10. Was there this much love for Kyle when he was here? I seem to remember a lot of game day threads complaining up a storm about his playcalling. In fact I remember a few posts saying shanny can go and he can take his genius son with him or something to that effect. Just interesting that's all.
  11. What about Kris Richard from Dallas? He seems like an up and comer on the defensive side of the ball. Pretty decent stats as the Seattle coordinator and he calls the plays for Dallas now I believe. I know he interviewed for some HC positions recently.
  12. Oh man lol.. Telephone tough guy..Never compared him to Theisman and why would black qbs who use their mind and arm be an issue for me? I clearly stated I hoped Haskins was better than Winston. Winston is a middle of the road guy at best. Since you like google and stats here are the numbers of the guy who replaced him. For the record I hope Haskins is better than him too.
  13. You're right you said Jameis Winston was successful..that threw me off a bit.
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