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  1. I hope so. I was also thinking that this Barnes/Beal talk may be a smokescreen from EG.
  2. Me not watching any college basketball this past year and just reading what people are saying about these players (and youtube), I would at this point prefer Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He just seems to have the drive that this team desperately need. I won't be upset with any pick we make though.
  3. If the Wizards do trade Trevor Booker, I think they will end up regretting it. I think he is going to have a breakout season soon wherever he goes.
  4. Wow... did you guys feel the ground shake when John just yelled "Cmon, wake up damnit"... lol
  5. And we need to pay Nick Young right now... he is our best scorer on this team. No question about it.
  6. Yea, Rashad Lewis is horrible. He had so many turnovers tonight. Kicked the ball off of his own foot out of bounds with no pressure from the defense, threw the ball away and didn't hustle to try to make up for it defensively. He is just bad and extra lazy this season. Get rid of him now imo.
  7. It's amazing how these referees favor the more established teams. All of these calls are going Boston's way.
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