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  1. LOL GOOD one bro. Thanks for the compliment. haha:cheers::cheers::cheers: ---------- Post added September-15th-2011 at 05:07 PM ---------- Gotta love Killian's as well. Ironic that a horse are both of the beer's mascot.
  2. Frozen Heineken or Red Horse (Extra Strong) :silly::drooley::drooley::drooley::drooley:
  3. Those definitely should be considered as our Alternate 1 and 2 uniforms.
  4. I agree, but be wary about him leaving and completing his development elsewhere. I want to see him make more comebacks on a regular basis as well although I would like to see the team blow other teams out even more. It seems that the entire team, usually a different player on every down, cracks under pressure; RBs not picking up blitzes, inconsistent protection, WRs giving up on/running lazy routes, etc.
  5. Everything should definitely be an eye opener for Snyder. Candle has been on lightin' it up lately. That name can be a positive metaphor also as our line sparked Candle causing the O to shine with the fire that the Candle emits. I do agree that JC needs to show consistency throughout the rest of the season. Anyone ready for next season already?
  6. They definitely should wear all burgundy, the 'spear helmet' uniform (70th), and Gold helmet uniforms (75th) more often.
  7. The burgundy on burgundy is new so I can understand some aren't used to it. But it's a nice change and looks slick. If there are some of you who dislike it because we lost need to reconsider..
  8. "Originally Posted by HogNose I want the old Burgundy& Gold uni's back: HOME AWAY" Notice these are the exact same uniforms as the 75th Anniversary without the Yellow helmet. So that uniform seems to look good with either helmet.
  9. I thought the team was supposed to wear the burgundy on burgundy this past Sunday. What happened? :dallasuck
  10. go to dark burgundys....or why not where the burgundy version of the 75th uniform we wore this year..OR wear our regular jerseys now with the 75th anniversary helmets. that wouldnt look to bad as an alternate number 4 i guess
  11. i know its been said many times. we should wear the dark burgundy and gold from the 70th anniversary as a 3rd alternate jersey....i personally think that should be our default uniform That photoshop of the burgundy top and gold pants would be nice to see regularly instead of white pants on occasions
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