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  1. unless Vinnie Mac blocked it from beign seen even tho it is not WCW property he owns the PPV name great american bash
  2. I dont like it when this thread gets all the way down to the 3rd page so I am giving it a bump
  3. thi is the correct link to the mid atlantic website
  4. Austin has got o be in his 40s I think which is "OLD" for wrestling standards also for those in the Hampton Roads area I found out that Magnum T.A along with Tuly Blanchard and J.J. Dillion are goin to be at the Khedive Temple as part of the mid atlantic wrestling promotion on March 31st the night before WM 23 I belive the website is if not I will look to make sure
  5. he needs to save all his energy for WM he probly dosent want any thing physical until then would be my guest because he had a great opurtunity on raw and on ECW
  6. if you watched ECW last night Stone cold siad that he WILL be in DC Monday night for the contract signing between Mcmahon and Trump R.I.P. Bad News Brown I remeber him at the early WM hen I was A kid and I remeber that batlle royal at WM 4 like it was yesterday probly case it was yesterday since I fot the entire WM trilogy on DVD
  7. for those of you in the Hampton Roads area wrestling legend Magnum T.A will be signing autographs for free at Tidewater sports and collectiables at Chesapeake Square mall
  8. I would love to see a tag division in ECW along with a TV title that would indicate to me that ECWWE is here to stay for a while no matter how bad things are
  9. didnt the ratings for the TNA show Bomb big time though I guess people were actually watching the dog show
  10. I defintily agree especially since it will be 8 competitors this year and you know crazy Jeff Hardy is going to jump off something and squash someone through a table I predict the other 4 to be Mat Hardy Sabu Kenny Dykstra Randy Orton
  11. I was sitting here watching some of my Wrestlemania tapes and wondering who they could put in the HOF here are the people I like to see get in Dino Bravo Randy Savage Ricky Steamboat Jim Ross Jim Duggan I know that JR is still active but this man has seen it all I guess you could make an argument for Ric Flair too but I would love to see Jim Ross get his due
  12. thats why I dont order WWE PPVS anmore I just got to a Blast area that way I can eat and enjoy the company if the PPV Bombs....... but WrestleMania normally is the best PPV of the year
  13. I did read on and a couple other sites that as of right now that is the plan for the Billionare match at WM23
  14. another thing wrong with ECWWWE is without extreme matches in EVERYMATCH its not worth watching also you need to get it too 2 hours so you can develop decent story lines
  15. what is up with them reuniting LARESISTANCE or how ever you spell it I do agree that they need a tag division Tuesday Night Heat is a good desription or Velocity
  16. WOW!!!!I dont understand why more and more wrestlers can not get the help that they need before they feel the need to kill themself its just a dang shame
  17. thats the bottom line cuz TK says so :-)
  18. I just saw this on R.I.P Mike Awesome
  19. you would think that since they were coming off a PPV AND it was a regular taping night for them anyway that they would have been live and just blew up the budget to try and get them noticed I did like the Eric Young skit with dogs I guess that was the most they wanted to shoot on the WWE
  20. :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: I think I **** my self
  21. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was freaking hilarious specially when the king says I cant help but look at the but lol
  22. chuch Palumbo was actually part of the invasion angle when Vince bought WCW then after that angle he teamed up with Billy Gun and they were Billy and Chuck is was a Gay angle after that he went to OVW and now I guess they are going to bring him back my guess is to ECW here latly thats where they are putting most of the has been or never was talent
  23. this thread was in need of a BUMP anyway dont for get RAW will not be seen tonight due to the DOG SHOW however TNA saw this great opurtunity and they will air a special 9-11 called this TNA so those of you that do not typically watch TNA heres your opurtunity since Raw willl not be seen tonight Raw will return this THURSAY night at 8pm on the USA network
  24. I think realizes there is more compatiotion out there because I have really like the way they are doing ECW now they even had a diffrent set up last night I think compatiotion is what Vince needed for ECW i do agree they could still be better but I like what I have seen over the past 3 weeks since the WSX has started
  25. for those of you that may not like to read SPOILERS online PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Thanks to Mel Davidson for sending along Smackdown Spoilers from last night in Houston, Texas: Dark Matches: - Chuck Palumbo defeated Funaki. - Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jamie Noble. Smackdown: - Chris Benoit defeated Fit Finlay. Boogeyman came out from under the ring with the Little **** and walked off with him. Really great match, despite that. - Kristal interviewed Vickie Guerrero, who said she is returning to work (what does she do here?) despite the "unsafe" conditions that Theodore Long allows. - Deuce & Domino defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick. Yep, it's the "new team beats the champs in a non-title match" bit that we've seen a dozen times in WWE. - Backstage, Batista told Long that he was going to demand that the Undertaker reveal which title he wants at Wrestlemania. - They did a bit where King Booker was being given the "Key To The City". Kane interrupts, attacking Booker and knocking him out of the ring with a big boot. - Mr. Kennedy defeated Vito, ripping off Vito's dress and acting very serious because of his loss at the Rumble. - They had a Bikini contest with Kristal, Jillian and Ashley. Jillian refused to strip down, and instead wanted to sing. She was booed as she sang a Britney Spears song. No K-Fed run-in. JBL got off a great line about how Michael Hayes did a better job singing on Badstreet U.S.A. Ashley yanked off Jillian's clothes afterwards. - Backstage, Long grants Kennedy a rematch with Batista for next week. - The Miz defeats Matt Hardy after Joey Mercury interferes. - Batista came to the ring and said he was tired of people saying he can't beat the Undertaker. He called out Undertaker for his decision. John Cena came out (to a pop bigger than Batista's) saying he was there for the same reason, he wanted Undertaker's decision. Undertaker then came out to a huge ovation. Before anything could happen, Shawn Michaels came out, saying he wants his own answer from the Undertaker. Michaels challenges Undertaker to put the Wrestlemania title shot on the line in a singles match. Vince McMahon then came out, and said he doesn't care what Michaels or anyone wants, he'll tell them what they want. He said Undertaker does have to make a decision, but right now, he has decided that it will be John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs. Batista & The Undertaker at No Way Out. That ends the show. They announced there would be a MVP, Finlay, Booker & Kennedy vs. Undertaker, Michaels, Cena & Batista match following ECW. After ECW, Undertaker stayed in the ring and Lashley left. The heels ran in to start the eight-man match, which was won by the babyface team. After the match, Undertaker picked up Cena and Batista's belts, looked at them, then threw them both down before leaving. Michaels left, then the champions (who shook hands).