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  1. he looks more like Dr EVIL LOL anyway as far as Sabu getting a relese you knew this would happen sooner or later since Vince is trying his best to kill ECW for good
  2. I knew about those promotions but I mainly consertrating on the ones that came through the Norfolkk area on a regular basis man those were the good ole days
  3. because most of us our OLD school I wish it also said NWA AWA MID ATLANTIC let se did I miss any exctint promotions
  4. they might as well because the internet rumor sites will have the spoilers sometimes before ECW goes off the air since this was a pretty big deal they want to get pub for the show Friday night
  5. at least that was creative so I do not have a oroblem with edge being champion that was a good find ty
  6. correct me if I am wrong but didnt Melina loose to the HOTTEST 2 divas in the WWE Candace and the loveable(even tho she was wearing a cowpunks jersey)Micky James
  7. now thats a match that hasnt been overly done lol
  8. I wish they could ECWWWE matches like that every Tuesday man I was going insane for some of those spots espically the sabu tommy dreamer suplex on the table with sandman
  9. when I saw Shawn then edge and Orton go down I told my wife they are setting up Khali for a title run
  10. forgoet Melina I will take her any day of the week and she is a home girl
  11. :doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::dallasuck:eaglesuck:gaintsuck
  12. I dont know how smart that was actually when they really dont put the emphasis on the tag team anymore which is very disapointing but I digress
  13. DisplayAd("RightTower");
  14. I wonder if that means Edge some how wins the title between now and Backlash if so then they have really hit a wall on the creative team what about WWE is Creative anymore it used to be shock Tv now is alot more predictable than it used to be some one PLEASE fire Stephanie and HHH as the writer they SUCK
  15. you got to handed to Vince at least he does what he ask his superstars to do you get mad respect Vinnie mac on a side note WHY THE HECK was this show 4 hours it was a blockbuster RAW at best this show was wayyyyyyyyyyy to long it stated off great with the ladder match then died until the hair v hair match then died again and never gained conceous (sp)
  16. BTW they will induct Dusty Rhodes Jerry Lawler Mr Perfect and good ole JR on the USA show tonight
  17. the first 2 hours of the HOF was live on after the show is off the usa network they will archive it in its entirety on
  18. hey gang just wanted to give you some matches already announced for RAW tonight this is he last RAW before WM23 so i should be a good one Bobby Lashley V Vinny Mac Shawn Michal and John Cena V Undertaker and Batista also annouced was the last 3 WWE diva playboy cover girls Ashley Candace Michelle and Torrie Wilson V Melina Victoria and Jillian Hall and on they came to terms for the imediate release of Joey Mercuy enjoy RAW tonight only on the USA network at 9est
  19. this is a blog on Shane "Gregory" Helms myspace about the accusatiaons bout him and the steroids in wrestling story HELMS RESPONDS! So, heard any good internet stories lately? :) Before I start I wanna say that the fans here in Mexico City are awesome! They greeted us in the airport with cheers, hugs and gifts and an enthusiasm that reminds me of just why I love perfoming so much! Now, before I clear the air, I wanna ask a question? If you get hurt and a doctor prescribes you a medicine/drug and therapy to help you and you take it, did that become wrong somewhere? Did I miss a meeting? No need to answer because apparently the answer is yes. Apparently pro wrestlers never get hurt and if they do they aren't allowed to get treatment. So anyway, here's the story, several years ago I had hurt my knee and was advised by 2 different doctors to undergo this particular therapy. I didn't ask for it, hell, I didn't even know about it, all I knew is that I didn't want to have to have surgery. Not to mention that I would like for my life after wrestling to be as painless as possible. I won't be able to wrestle forever and I would hope that I'm entitled to the best quality of life availalbe to me when that time comes. I would like to think that it's well in my human rights to take whatever a doctor tells me to if it helps my condition and relieves my pain. Isn't that what everyone goes to a doctor for? Shane Helms committed no crime and did absolutely nothing illegal. And that is a FACT!!! Trust me, there are a million ways to get any kind of legal or illegal medicine/drug you want. However, I was under the assumption that going thru a doctor, getting treatment and therapy for a totally LEGAL medicine was the right way to go about dealing with this particular injury. And this injury that might have led to surgery had I not taken the therapy that I did. It's strange how that part of the story was conviently left out! Besides, look at me! I'm not 300 lbs of muscle, the biggest I've ever been is 215, I'm not abusing ANYTHING other that the abuse my body takes doing the job I love. Hell, I didn't even drink alcohol until I was 27. Now I get that this "reporter" was just doing his job and was only using certain names from his list to sensationalize the article. And I guess it makes it sound more colorful to use the name Hurricane although I haven't been The Hurricane in almost 2 years now. Hell I guess this guy can pretty much get away with saying whatever he feels, I honestly don't know. I don't know him and I don't even deal with that particular Doctor anymore either. And if that Doctor did anything wrong himself, as long as it didn't involve me it shouldn't concern me or be directed towards me. Am I making an excuse? Not at all. Making up an excuse would be admitting that I did something wrong or illegal. I did neither. I'm just a guy that has torn his body to shreds for the job he loves. And there are times that I've had to do to the hospital and get different kinds of medicines/drugs/whatever to help me heal. I'm not Wolverine, I can't heal from every injury instantaneaously. I get hurt! And I'll get hurt again. I've said a million times, I never got into wrestling for the fame or the fortune, I got into because I genuinely love it. I put 100% of my heart into it and unfortunately my body pays the price. That's not a complaint, that's simply . . . reality. On a different note. I hope my performance this week on Smackdown this week is okay. I had one of the worst flu-bugs of my life this weekend. I was sick to a point where I couldn't get out of bed and questioned whether I'd even be able to make it to do TV this week. However, I did make it to the show. I found out that I'd be wrestling Chris Benoit and then had to make a decision, call in sick or try and tough it out. Calling in sick . . . . not my style. I vomitted a total of 3 times in the 2 hours leading up to my match and I was really just physically drained as I was standing at the curtain. I remember Johnny Ace and Dean Malenko both asking me was I ok, I shook my head yes, but my body was saying, "Wtf?" :) Anyway, I did the match. It might not be the performance of my life, but I gave it everything I had. Not to mention, I took a knee to the head that almosted ended my night on contact! LOL Later, I got to the back, tried drinking a Gatorade, threw that up as well, threw up twice more and was finally done with the "being sick" portion of my evening. My partners in crime, the CCB, took damn good care of me. I love my friends and my world is a brighter place because of them. Now strangely enough but not surprisingly at all, this story didn't make any of the wrestling news websites. I guess making wrestling or wrestlers (especially me) look good is something they don't like to do much anymore, there's no "HITS" off of good news ya know? It boggles my mind when I think about how much exposure these "enemies of pro-wrestling" get off of pro-wrestling websites. How many years have I been on the net giving countless hours of myself to my fans? How many hosiptals and schools have I visited to help under priviledged kids and wounded soldiers? How much money have I donated to various charities for no other reason than to help. All of these things are neglected by these websites yet they all jumped on this story just to drum up attention. Makes me wonder if this BLOG will receive as many posts? With that being said, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all the support from my friends and family since this debacle started. My "inner circle" stays tight! Surprisingly, even the MySpace crowd has been, I'd say . . . 97% positive. I think my personality comes thru on my page and this attempt to villify me has thankfully fallen on a lot of deaf ears. To the 3% or so that have said bad things to or about me regarding this issue whether here or in some other forum, hey, it's all cool. You can't hurt me, cuz you mean nothing to me. Thanks again to everyone that's supported me, I love you all. Now forget all this bull**** and go have some fun!
  20. that was a joke I was refering to chyna becasue shes the only women that would possibly be on the roids the current Divas are puny arms maybe they tek them to pump up their chest :laugh:
  21. A Statement From World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. March 19, 2007 All of the allegations set forth in a recent article mentioning WWE predate the initiation of WWE’s current Talent Wellness Program. This WWE program prohibits the use of performance enhancing drugs, as well as other prescription drugs which can be abused, if taken for other than a legitimate medical purpose pursuant to a valid prescription from a licensed and treating physician. For purposes of WWE's policy, prescriptions obtained over the Internet and/or from suppliers of prescription drugs from the Internet are not considered to have been given for a legitimate medical purpose.
  22. I heard DDP on TH DP show he basically said that the WWE is not talking about this because the DR in question was hired by Vince to fix his boys and GIRLS which kinda blew me for a min because I didnt know Chyna was back anyway its going to be interesting to see how this is handled if you watch enough wrestling you just know Vince will put a storyline spin to this
  23. the rocks promo was kinda lame last night I just hope they set it up to where he interferes in the hair v hair match somehow if not why even put him in the story line