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  1. Actually, our uniforms have changed subtly over the last few years. The hues are much different now. I'm in favor of keeping them. Teams with new uniforms such as Buffalo, Tennessee, Atlanta, Seattle, to name a few, look like crap. Snyder would be correct in this case to say, "If isn't broken, don't fix it."

    I agree. The numbers have changed between manufactors it seems like. Look at the difference between when Addias, Starter and now Reebok made the jerseys. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you look at the 1991 Redskins team, their pants look more burgundy than the pants now. The colors now look almost red.

  2. 1. Gibbs is gone.

    2. Our current SB-lucky uniforms.............. enough said.

    3. We have had the current threads LONGER than any former Redskin

    uniform in team history!

    You say why? Change people. Change is good.

    You say uniforms don't effect on-field performance.

    Well I say, so what. If there is no effect on team performance then new uniforms shouldn't bother you.

    Besides, new uniforms would mark an end to the fashion-police articles you hate.

    Burgundy and Gold people. Not Red, Yellow and White.

    BTW if you don't care about this issue please don't post.

    I don't post on your threads about some player we should draft first round who you happen to see make a few tackles on some meaningless Bowl game. :applause:

    I wouldn't mind having a black Redskins jersey. Not the ones that came out two years ago that was black, white and gray. I was making a team of Redskins greats in the game All-Pro Football 2K8 for Xbox 360 and made a black version of our home jerseys. I wish I had pics to post on here. I had a few compliments from guys I played against on Xbox Live that liked the them.

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