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  1. What’s grosser? Trump’s YMCA Death Cult Dougie or Moscow Mitch cackling like the cryptkeeper when the COVID relief Bill was brought up?
  2. I think my favorite thing about Herbert is that he doesn’t miss wide-open receivers by 5+ yards.
  3. I don’t get the Tayson Hill deal.
  4. Can’t wait to spend the next 3 hours intensely examining every single thing Justin Herbert does and directly comparing him to Simba 300. Good times!
  5. Petition to make Sanford, FL it’s own sovereign nation and encourage Trump to rule in perpetuity.
  6. Lost in all of yesterday’s madness, please enjoy this Jay Gruden classic on 4th and 1 and the game on the line. MAGICAL.
  7. Joe Morgan was THAT DUDE. Probably my fathers all-time favorite player and maybe the baddest 5’8” guy to ever walk the Earth. Rest In Peace.
  8. I sympathize with LeBron, as I feel I don’t get nearly enough respect from my Tailgate peers. I mean, have y’all seen my work in the Friday Night Music and Heavy Metal threads? It’s positively Jordan-esque.
  9. I don’t know about this Minnesota quarterback...he seems kinda skittish.
  10. Vikings rode Cook too hard.
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