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  1. I’m just happy he’s back in the building. Baby steps and all...
  2. Morey is getting out while the getting is good. Cant blame him.
  3. Daniel Jones’ favorite movie is Bring It On.
  4. 1.) Pure evil. You can’t believe how radical this was in 1986. Highly influential.
  5. Getting back to the spooky music... 2). The church now belongs to the dead.
  6. Nice day to get home at 3:00, take the Legend for a back road spin and get settled into the garage with a doobie, a Ketel/Cran and my @skinsmaryduapproved Journey playlist. It might get loud...
  7. I am shocked, SHOCKED that Simba 300 is still too sick to practice.
  8. Scherff is back at practice. We really dodged a bullet there.
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