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  1. Good fights on HBO tonight.
  2. Melo, with an aged Chauncey Billups won back-to-back divisions and lost 4-2 against the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals in 2009. He averaged 30 points a game…pretty good stuff. If DC can get him, you're talking about 50 wins a year + Wall/Beal/Gortat for as long as you can keep it together. Ariza is gonna command $10 mil a year, so Melo at $18 mil a year with his gold medals and his locker-room clutchiness doesn't sound that bad…In fact, I struggle to recall a time when a player as great as Melo was so available. We should go all in.
  3. Caught the 11:00 Godzilla tonight….Damn! 9/10, a great monster movie. That's all I'm gonna say.
  4. Wait til Bron and Wade combine for 30 FT attempts in game 1. We'll be right back on the train.
  5. Great season, guys! This team is ahead of schedule and looks for all the world like a unit that can rip off a 7-8 year playoff streak…and I will take my chances with that! But... Ariza just has to go. He is frighteningly inept with the ball in his hands, overrated and slow on defense (and getting slower) and stupidly inconsistent offensively. I mean, this team made him this year…Wall/Beal driving and spacing, Nene/Gortat pounding the lane…nobody in the league got more wide open 3-balls than Ariza this year. Put a below average cast around Ariza and that dude can't get you a 5 ppg aver
  6. He hasn't been right since that nasty looking "sprained ankle" in game two.
  7. Not a good look for Chris Paul right there.
  8. Growing, learning, struggling. I still like my guys and I can't wait to play game 5 with no pressure... That said, I'm ready for Porter all year next year. I've had enough of Ariza.
  9. Possibly the worst offensive performance in NBA playoff history. Welcome to the offseason, folks. Trevor, enjoy the west coast.
  10. The Pacers have picked our locks. Running us off the 3pt line, daring us to go hard to the rim, and happily watching us shoot 50% from the line on the rare occasion that we do. It looks very grim.
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