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  1. As a Wiz fan, I hope the Heat keep this team together…'cause I want a shot at em in the playoffs next year.
  2. Bosh now reduced to chucking 25-footers. Nice work, Spo!
  3. You say Malinaggi, I say Algieri. Tough decision.
  4. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And the Spurs offensive sets are a thing of beauty.
  5. It's a great ad and it makes a compelling point. Let's get ahead of this thing and go to the "Reds" or "Red Warriors" and be done with it. Keep the colors, keep the history and go back to this helmet...
  6. Cotto was beautiful tonight.
  7. I'm getting it. Should be fun.
  8. My fave online comment so far…"Jordan would've fixed the A/C"
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idLGJ3SleDs Cold in July. You should see it…no spoilers.
  10. USA Today has the Boys going 3-13.
  11. Magic, Jordan, Pippen, Nowitzki, and Shaq.
  12. The whole league lives in fear of the mighty Hornets!!!
  13. I really hope the Wiz get another shot at the Pacers in the playoffs next year.
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