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  1. The Bucs/Pack game is like some strange alternate version of the 87 Super Bowl. Pack up 10-0 and cruising into the 2nd quarter...and BOOM. Wheels come off, give up 28 in the 2nd. Total beatdown in the 3rd. It can happen fast.
  2. Zero chance that Haskins dimes both Thomas and Sims at the back pylon today. He might win the game by taking care of the football, but he doesn’t have those throws in his arsenal.
  3. Cap room is what it is. Stafford is moving and he’s moving pretty soon. He would look great in the B&G. Reeling off 11-5 seasons. Come fly with me...
  4. Trade for Stafford and win the NFC East for the next 3 years.
  5. Allen is still dealing with a left shoulder injury from trying to play hero ball last weekend. If not for that, he probably sells out...and gets it.
  6. Let a player play. It’s week 5 and the meadowlands turf has more holes than the Jersey Turnpike. NEXT!
  7. Allen had a very Haskins-esque game today, perhaps a bit more clutch. Dont think Dwayne has that TE fade in his arsenal tho.
  8. We are gonna be loving that call from Riverboat Ron come draft day.
  9. Love the effort, love the call. Come draft day, there will be no regrets.
  10. He’s doing pretty good. The Giants entire gameplan is designed to stay out of passing situations and avoid sacks.
  11. Win or lose, I appreciate the effort. I think we’ve been the better team today. Lets win this!!
  12. Nice off schedule play by Allen, there. If Wright comes back to the ball, it’s 1st and goal...but he wanted the touchdown. Edit: Inman. Can’t keep up with all the new guys.
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