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  1. Tawny Kitaen RIP. She was really something else, back in the day.
  2. We look more than a little worn down from all the injuries/Rangers drama.
  3. Brooks has been getting destroyed down the stretch. It’s just not good enough.
  4. Being a Wizards fan is not a path for the weak or unwilling.
  5. Low key big game tonight. Wiz would essentially clinch the 10 seed with a win...or am I wrong about that?
  6. Wilson should’ve been suspended one game for his hit on Buch Buch should’ve been gone for 5 for that trashass cross check Panarin got the horns, rightly. Rangers organization played themselves like an accordion. Complete meltdown. Moving on...
  7. Great pic of the wild storm that knocked our power out for three hours on Monday. Straight-line winds in excess of 90mph at the local airport and it was here and gone in less than 15 minutes. Crazy.
  8. Adderall is everywhere too. Think it may have even made its way to the Oval Office a short while back.
  9. Very common in the suburbs/white collar for under 35YOs or so. Pro-tip: Best be changing your ways before you hit 40.
  10. The Rangers are an embarrassment to the league.
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