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  1. Dropped top on the Mustang at 9AM this morning and drove 3 hours through the hills to Charles Town. Had lunch with an old friend, played some weird COVID blackjack and dropped $500 on the WFT in the sportsbook. Headed back home around 2:30. Drive was fantastic as always and the Autumn color Is almost at its peak. The Stang remains a flawless Grand Tourer, just getting broken in at 70K miles. Cranked Bowie and Steely Dan the whole way. Highly recommended.
  2. Nearest thing to classic Yes/Genesis I’ve heard in forever. The bass playing is outrageous. Perfect Prog.
  3. JJ’s is the closest nicest place from my house to get rowdy. Right on the far western edge of the suburbs. I have been there several times and would likely go more often if the clientele weren’t so “Trumpy”. But I wasn’t there that night. And this outcome doesn’t surprise me at all.
  4. True story, my uncle and I shared a bench with Leslie Stahl on the shuttle we took leaving the Metrodome after Super Bowl XXVII. She was just becoming known for her work on 60 Minutes at the time. Very attractive and ol Uncle Frank put the hard flirt on her!
  5. Here is a picture of CAM FREAKING SIMS catching the game-winning touchdown!
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