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  1. Funeral and reception in the bag. Went off without a hitch even with the weather. Whew! Quite a relief to get that over with. Maybe time for a bourbon...
  2. Not sure of the context or who exactly she’s talking about, but I know fire when I hear it.
  3. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than applying the asterisk. Enjoy this Los Angeles!*****
  4. Judas Priest summons Gershwin, Rachmaninov, Queen and Satan. Die, mourn, and be reborn...unto the island.
  5. Bauhaus. Deneuve. Bowie. Tony Scott! Maximum terror. Maximum 80s. Not even close to SFW.
  6. For the youngsters...Back in the day, circa 1984/birth of cable, MTV would dedicate Halloween night to playing all the spookiest videos they had. My crew was all somewhere between 12-14YO at the time and we would go out an Jack that candy and then come home by 9PM to sort it out and crank the MTV Halloween marathon. Maximum Reagan years in the DMV. Anyhooo...this was always the highlight of the evening. Pure Maiden fury combined with numerous Hammer clips and slick editing. The perfect spooky music video and the origin of Iron Maiden’s multi-generational relevance. Enj
  7. Humor me. Assuming that 7 wins can get the division and that we will sweep out the East...where do we get our 6th/7th wins?
  8. Or, conversely...If everybody were as funky as Beal, you’d have 30 responses by now.
  9. I might eat Kushner’s SIL’s shoe too. Don’t judge me.
  10. If Trump isn’t 2-3 shots of bourbon deep right here, I’ll eat @skinsmarydu’s shoe.
  11. My Morning Jacket can channel The Chi-Lites and The Beach Boys simultaneously. Evocative vocal performance.
  12. I almost posted Purple Rain in here, just for lullzz. Anyway, Gambino’s funk album from 2017 is really good. Latest Tame Impala leans in real hard on blue-eyed soul.
  13. Only took McCarthy 7 weeks to put the Boys in fire-sale mode. Hilarious.
  14. Maybe you’d like some Ethiopian hard funk, acid-jazz served up extra spicy?
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