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  1. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2020/10/23/21529778/minnesota-vikings-collapse-terrible-trade-kirk-cousins-contract?fbclid=IwAR30BUNOsMViKS5Txc3EMxXrR8rxwFLrmWIyFjUQfiu6rvpSNI2HjrkXdzw
  2. Finally saw the latest Terminator movie. Actually though it was pretty good.
  3. If Dwayne is to actually have a successful NFL career, he will have Rivera to thank for helping to break him of his bad habits/immaturity. This is a big moment for the kid.
  4. My hatred for the Bucs now burns with the heat of a million suns!!
  5. Whomever can help Simba 300 realize his innate greatness, obviously.
  6. This jewel is on TCM at 3AM tonight. Set your DVRs...OR DIE!!
  7. If Rivera has been a “trainwreck since the moment he got here” then we should have plenty of posts describing him as such prior to Dwayne getting benched. Show your work.
  8. The East is wide open for Washington. Beat the Cowboys and it’s right there. I don’t like it...but it’s true.
  9. That was a choke job of epic proportions.
  10. The Giants are low-key even more evil than the Cowboys. Mara is the devil. Celebrate.
  11. Jones is gonna start showing up in the top 10 rushing yards at this rate.
  12. Bad pick by Jones. Got spooked by the blitz front. Didn’t see them back out and rifled one into coverage.
  13. The Stang is a stick, natch. Had to special order it and wait 10 weeks back in the day. And yeah, it’s super therapeutic. 2/3 and 3/4 is still perfect.
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