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  1. If you walk the dog on the defending NFC champion, you’re definitely going to be a favorite against the WFT the following week.
  2. We need 150+ rushing yards to win this game. So, that’s what I want to see.
  3. The Terminator is basically a sci-fi twist on Halloween.
  4. That coffee hits different when it’s 50 degrees outside and you’re undefeated.
  5. Hurricanes might have a squad this year.
  6. Bills -5.5 Pack -6.5 MINSHEW +7.5 Vikes/Colts 49over
  7. I’ve won so much money On the Heat that I bought a another guitar I don’t need. Ball Family Reserve Cinnamon Shift. 1 of 50. Plays like the Devil.
  8. It’s amazing to me that Miami is still getting +150 on the moneyline.
  9. I watch this every fall. A+ 70s psych-horror slow burn. Gotta have a week of Italian gore-trash. Suspiria Inferno Gates of Hell The Beyond Demons Demons 2 The Church
  10. Burrow goes 4/4 on 4th down for the backdoor dagger. #drinksbleach
  11. Today is a great day to make a donation to Planned Parenthood and/or the ACLU.
  12. Honestly, the refs stepping in and “holding” Jokic to 25 minutes might be the best thing that could’ve happened for the Nuggets. They prolly needed a little load management after two 7 game series.
  13. An American hero and all around champion of human dignity. RiP
  14. Backup Center for the Cards? Hmmm, the plot thickens...
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