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  1. Thanks for all the kind words, gang.  Let me just add a couple points.


    1).  Having a parent, or any close family member, really struggle with addiction is a tremendous challenge.  As a family, we were able to rally together and get some positive outcomes over the last few years.  Very rewarding as I look back...but not easy.  If any of y’all are struggling with something like that, feel free to PM me anytime and I’ll give you the best advice and comfort that I can.


    2).  Mom hated the Cowboys with a passion.  She’s looking for a win tomorrow.  

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  2. Well, we lost Mom at about 4:00 today.  The last month or so had been very rough and nobody is blind-sided.  She went peacefully under hospice care.  When she got out of ICU in September 18, we were told she might have 4-6 months left.  Ended up being over two years and we were able to celebrate her 72nd birthday with her on the 19th.


    So, a few tears but mostly we’re all very thankful for the time we had.  

    Tell your folks you love em, RTT fam.  Every chance you get!

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  3. 22 minutes ago, JoggingGod said:

    For those who are increasingly seeing that Ron Rivera is not the answer, this thread is for you. Who do you want as our new head coach or GM next year?

    Whomever can help Simba 300 realize his innate greatness, obviously.

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