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  1. It’s time for Zverev to seize the ring.
  2. Our local GOP office has (allegedly) taken to smashing their own windows out. Strong political platform!
  3. High-end Tech Death with actual riffs, hooks and swing? A rare beast, indeed!
  4. Appreciate that reverse jinx!
  5. Reid out here running Lombardi sweeps with his rookie RB.
  6. Man, I’d love to go see a game with like 10K people.
  7. Kinda overcooked that anthem.
  8. Sounds pretty much like I remember, never was a classy joint. Let me know if you’re planning a big Sunday out there. I’m always looking for a reason to drop-top on the Stang and cross the mountains when the leaves are changing. These days especially. Beers on me!
  9. Is this the Mardi Gras just outside of Charleston? Is the sportsbook nice? Havent visited in a couple years, I might be down for a drive out there.
  10. Rockets/Texans m/l parlay pays about +1250. Hmmmm...
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