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  1. Finally got around to seeing this. Certainly a good movie. Well cast and acted, with some wonderful nostalgia thrown in....But, it lacked the critical ingredient to put it on par with Rocky I-IV. The villain was just not strong enough. Apollo, Clubber, Drago...these are the types of characters that really lift a movie like this and Creed just doesn't have it. Hell, Mason Dixon was a stronger adversary. So, the movie falls a bit flat down the stretch. But, I did enjoy it.
  2. We're gonna get the 7th seed and we're gonna bust Toronto's ass...again.
  3. Chris Paul makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.
  4. Nice to see Beal getting off tonight. We may need 35 from him to win this one.
  5. Talk **** at halftime. Take the bad beat...ugh.
  6. Rutgers +25 up 1 at half against Michigan State...WOOT!
  7. I'm down for a dry March. Maybe a couple beers here and there during the NCAA tourney, but...its go time. Need to get my sexy back on par for May/June.
  8. I was joking. It's terrible, but the girl that plays the Rocks daughter has one of the best racks you've ever seen. So there's that...
  9. Actually, the closest thing we've ever seen to Steph was that 2-3 year run that Arenas had before he hurt his knee. Obviously not as good, but the mindset, shooting range and "score-at-will" aspect was similar.
  10. ^^^^KD2DC! Yesterday was a big step towards that.
  11. Bud Crawford is a baddddddd man.
  12. Pretty much. "Tell your grandchildren" type of stuff going on.
  13. Thunder were foolishly conservative down the stretch. Up 6 with 2:00 left against the Ws is no time to start milking the clock.
  14. Yes. Laws are useless. Let's repeal all of them and live in anarchy. Good idea.
  15. Just got back from 4 days at sea. Full media blackout except for one moment... Walking through the casino the other night and the little TV behind the bar was picking up the international NBA game of the night. I sat and ordered a Rum Runner...and Doug F McDermott dunked all over my entire fandom. Ugh...
  16. Omg...I paid 200 bucks to see it live from the 18th row. Garrett Temple is a black hole. John Wall in the 1st quarter is as bad as any PG ever. 0-5, etc. Dudley really hustles out there...but he has nothing. We were down 12 midway through the 1st and we were down 12 midway through the 4th...good night. 3 games in 3 nights...it was awful.
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