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  1. Prolly one of the best blocks in NBA history. Strong Ben Wallace energy.
  2. I remain firmly on the Goran Dragic money train.
  3. Are you doing that “reverse jinx” thing again?
  4. I’m not saying anyone should bet on the Nugs tonight...but I am saying that it might be a while before you get another look at a White-Hot Jokic at +270. #value
  5. Forecast is 104 for Sunday. Ya think they’ll keep it nice and cool for us?
  6. You might ask yourself “Should I get 3 huskies?”. The answer is “no”.
  7. Kyler Murray/Hopkins and 90 degree smoke-air is a bad matchup for any defense. We will wear down. RedWolves will need 30+ points to win the game. Not sure we have it in us.
  8. Saquon...not that great picking up the blitz.
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