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  1. I watched the 4OT Islander game back in the 80s. Very happy to have those records removed.
  2. Whatever happened to that “Cuisines Ranked” thread? Or was that just a RTT tangent?
  3. Welp, I guess that settles it folks. Pandemic is over.
  4. I would assume that a robust dose of Polonium-210 can stop the virus in its tracks.
  5. Must’ve been food poisoning. Took 7 working days, btw.
  6. Downtown Staunton get smacked last night. Lots of local businesses suffering.
  7. I mean...Gatlinburg needs the economic activity. I’m sure Sturgis does too. Sunny Saturday and people need to get out. It’s a good thing. BUT... If they pack the bars/shows and don’t distance, it’s gonna be a problem. My sympathies to the restaurant workers and the police in Sturgis. Gonna be a long weekend.